The new car "zero hundred" accelerates for 5.7 seconds, and the Lingke 03 + cyan customized version is released, equipped with the original large tail

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new car zero accelerates seconds

writing : Understand the original car Emperor Shi Jingxu

[ Understand the original car Emperor product ] recently , Lingke officially released its Lingke 03+Cyan Customized model official map . As a special custom model , Compared with the ordinary Lingke 03+ More fighting , It carries Drive-E T5 The engine , The most powerful 265 horsepower , Peak torque 380 cattle · rice , Its 0-100 km / The fastest acceleration time per hour is 5.7 second .

Car features :

Led the g 03+Cyan Custom styling battle

The roof 、 Engine hood 、 The exterior rearview mirror is decorated with yellow elements

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