Performance control breakthrough cognition of the fifth generation Tucson L

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performance control breakthrough cognition fifth

The engine has the most direct influence on the dynamic performance of the vehicle , Today's engines have been improved by black Technology , Realized “ Small displacement and strong power ”, The fifth generation Tucson L On board Gamma II 1.5T-GDi That's the engine .

The fifth generation Tucson L1 Adopt the original of modern automobile “ Continuous variable valve duration ”(CVVD) Engine technology , Have 1.5T Turbocharged engine , The maximum power is 147kW, The maximum torque is 253N·m, The fuel consumption of one hundred kilometers is only 6.0L.CVVD It breaks the situation that automobile performance and fuel efficiency can not be considered .

“CVVD” yes Continuously Variable Valve Duration Abbreviation .“Duration” Represents the duration of valve opening .

CVVD The optimal variable control can be carried out according to the time of keeping the valve open according to the engine state . It can be used without changing the valve lift , Reasonably control the opening timing and duration of the valve , And it can be carried out quickly in a very short time 1400 Step adjustment of ultra precision suction valve opening state , Achieve near ideal performance and fuel efficiency , At the same time, effectively reduce exhaust emissions .

The fifth generation Tucson L Through the improvement of valve control system , Raised the appointment 4% Performance and about 5% The efficiency of , Also by improving combustion efficiency , To reduce the 12% Exhaust emissions from .

The gearbox also plays a vital role in power performance . The fifth generation Tucson L On board 7DCT Gearbox is the latest product of modern automobile , Widely used in global models . The transmission efficiency of this gearbox has reached 94.9% , It belongs to the leading level in the industry . Rely on low friction ball bearings , Can reduce friction 60%. meanwhile , By increasing the thickness of clutch center plate and pressure plate , Increase the heat capacity of the clutch 20.4%, It can greatly improve the anti overheating performance .

In addition to power performance , Handling performance is also an important factor to judge the dynamic performance of a car . There are many factors that affect the handling performance , to turn to 、 suspension 、 Body stiffness and so on will determine the handling feeling of a car , In the final analysis, the most basic is the chassis platform .

The platform is like a cornerstone , It's the infrastructure , so to speak , Every aspect of the vehicle's performance is inseparable from the platform . The fifth generation Tucson L The latest i-GMP The platform passes through 10 Evolution over the years , With more innovative design 、 Collision is safer 、 Better energy efficiency 、 Handling is more sporty 、 Five core advantages of more comfortable space , The basic performance of the vehicle is greatly improved .

The fifth generation Tucson L With short front overhang 、 Long wheelbase 、 Long rear suspension 、 Low center of gravity design features . Third generation platform i-GMP The chassis optimizes the suspension system , To maximize driving performance . The fifth generation Tucson L The structure of front suspension and rear suspension is optimized , It not only improves the driving stability when driving at high speed and turning , At the same time, it improves the response sensitivity .

The rear suspension optimizes the suspension arm configuration that controls wheel movement , Increased steering gear ratio , Thus, the reaction sensitivity is improved . in addition , The caster drag distance and angle of the front suspension are adjusted . The newly set kingpin caster drag angle is greater than the previous one , Thus, the high-speed stability is improved . Besides , The installation angle of the rear shock absorber has also changed , Set the shock absorber of the forward tilt of the current platform to a near vertical angle , It reduces the impact absorbed by the vehicle when passing through the concave convex road , Improved rear seat comfort .

Third generation platform i-GMP The chassis improves the subframe 、 Stiffness of beams, etc , This improves durability and vibration and noise performance . The subframe is the structural member supporting the vehicle body , It can be said to be the skeleton of the chassis . Third generation platform i-GMP Remove the front subframe from the existing H Change type to well type . stay H In type , Most of the lateral force transmitted to the wheels is concentrated at the connecting parts of the front body , The well type is to distribute the load to the front / The structure on the rear body assembly support , Improve durability and reduce vibration and noise . Third generation platform i-GMP It also improves the stiffness of the rear suspension beam . The enlarged rear suspension crossmember is connected to the left 、 The distance between the two structural members of the right wheel , It not only improves the strength , It also further improves the handling and NVH.( Source of the article : xinhua )

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