Under the wave of automobile electrification, the revenue of electric vehicle parts in Japan is expected to double in four years

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In the context of global automotive electrification , Electric assembly company, Japan's largest auto parts enterprise (Denso Corp.) expect , To 2025 The fiscal year , Its revenue from electrified parts will about double , achieve 1 Trillions of yen (91 Billion dollars ). Chief financial officer of Japan Denso Yasushi Matsui Express , The company's goal is to 2030 Double that number again in the fiscal year .

Matsui Regard electric vehicle parts as the key driving force for the company's value creation , And make the installation capacity of electric vehicles surpass that of the world's largest auto parts manufacturer —— Bosch, Germany (Robert Bosch GmbH).

“ They will catch up with us in the field of electrification ”,Matsui In a recent interview, he said ,“ After all , We have been working in this field for a long time .”

in fact , Japanese Denso did enter the field of electric vehicle parts earlier than many other similar companies , Since the last century 90 s , Electric installation is the first mass-produced hybrid vehicle in the world —— Toyota Prius (Prius) Production of various parts .

Now , Japanese Denso occupies about one third of the inverter market in the world , Inverter is one of the key components used to convert battery current in electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles .

Matsui call , A manufacturer of hybrid vehicle parts for Toyota 20 Years of experience , Let the electric equipment occupy an advantage in the parts of electric vehicles . He said , Inverter and other key electric vehicle parts , It can be produced in the company's existing hybrid parts factory , This makes the electric installation company one step ahead in facility preparation and scale-up .

Increase the bet in the field of electrification

Matsui Express , In the next five to six years , The electric installation plan is about 1 Trillion yen (91 Billion dollars ), Half of them may be used to repay shareholders such as share repurchase , The other half may be used for mergers and acquisitions in areas such as electrification .

Investors are optimistic about the electrification prospect of electric equipment in Japan , The share price of electric equipment has risen in the past year 70% above , Make the company's market value comparable to Honda and Ford .

SMBC Nikko Cordial 8 In June, we reiterated our commitment to Japan's electric equipment “ purchase ” The rating , Analysts of the securities company Kazunori Maki Express , The added value of parts of hybrid electric vehicles is higher than that of gasoline vehicles , Toyota, the main customer of electric equipment, will turn to hybrid vehicles " Speed up ( Electric installation ) Future earnings growth ".

however , Electric decoration companies have also suffered from the pressure of insufficient production in the automotive industry recently .

Last week, , When Toyota announced that the supply chain chaos would lead to its 9 The monthly output is cut by about 40% after , The next day (8 month 20 Japan ) Once plummeted 9.8%. About half of the revenue of electric equipment comes from Toyota , The rest of the revenue comes from Honda 、 Ford and other carmakers .


Matsui Still optimistic , He thinks Toyota's production will recover rapidly , But he predicted that due to the reduction of car production , The electric installation may only record about... Next month 200-300 Billion yen profit .

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