Sources said that the United States has approved suppliers to sell chips for auto parts to China

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sources said united states approved

【TechWeb】8 month 25 Daily news , According to foreign media reports , Two people familiar with the matter said , The United States has approved suppliers' license applications worth hundreds of millions of dollars , Allow them to sell chips to Huawei for auto parts such as video screens and sensors .


Foreign media reported that , Car chips are generally considered uncomplicated , This lowers the approval threshold . A Huawei spokesman declined to comment on the license issue , But express :“ We position ourselves as a new supplier of parts for intelligent networked vehicles , Our goal is to help OEMs make better cars .”

It is reported that ,2018 Nianhua made it clear that he would not build a car , It's about helping car companies build good cars . before , Vice chairman of Huawei 、 Xu Zhijun, chairman in office, once said , Huawei plans to cooperate with 3 Cooperate with car companies to build 3 A car sub brand .

Huawei is one of the world's largest manufacturers of smart phones and network equipment , It's in telecommunications 、 electric vehicle 、 Renewable energy and other fields are the leaders among China's emerging competitors .

2020 year 9 month 15 Japan , New US ban on Huawei comes into effect . TSMC 、 qualcomm 、 samsung 、SK hynix 、 Meguiar and other manufacturers stopped supplying to China according to the ban , Except with special permission . Companies that want to continue doing business with Huawei , You must first obtain a license from the U.S. government .

before , Chip giant Qualcomm has been sold to China 4G License for the chip . In addition to Qualcomm , Intel and AMD It has obtained a license from the US government to provide computers and server processors to China .( Little fox )