Mitsubishi will participate in the 2021 rebelle rally, and the official map of outlander racing will be released

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mitsubishi participate rebelle rally official

recently , We learned from foreign media sources , Mitsubishi Motors North America announced , Mitsubishi will send outlander models to participate in 2021 Rebelle Rally event , At the same time, the official also released the official map of the new car . From the official map , The painting and drawing of the vehicle are a good tribute 20 Years ago, Dakar Rally .

2021 Rebelle Rally The event will span Nevada and Southern California , The entire 2000 km , Planned for this year 10 month 7 solstice 16 Saturday, . This event can only be attended by female players , And it is forbidden to use in the whole process GPS positioning system , All players can rely on is a compass and a paper map .

at present , The new third-generation outlander has been listed and sold in overseas markets , And the racing car also pays tribute to 20 The victory of the Dakar Rally years ago ,2021 year Jutta Kleinschmidt Driving a Mitsubishi racing car won the race , And became the only female champion . More about new cars , We will continue to focus on reporting .

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