After the gull wing door and hidden door handle, we should start with the "it" with a history of 100 years!

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gull wing door hidden door

Multi screen linkage , Remote control , Autopilot , The key words of smart cockpit increasingly represent the development direction of cars in the future . These functions are also the materialized expression of scientific and technological progress and the improvement of modern manufacturing technology . In recent years , There are more and more screens in the car , More and more cool , Vehicle control methods are becoming more and more diversified . There are more and more black technologies outside the car , Like turning the door up , Gull wing gate , Six doors , But we found that there are not many innovative designs for automotive rearview mirrors . Why is that ? Shanghai auto show in the first half of this year , Several auto brand booths have displayed the physical style of the virtual cockpit , Coincidentally, the physical rearview mirror has been reformed , The streaming media rearview mirror is clearly displayed in front of us .

The graph is :1911 The past and present life of rear-view mirror the car had no rear-view mirror at the beginning of its design . The traffic environment didn't need it , Less vehicle , Fewer people , The speed is not fast . But then with the rise of motor racing , Because there is no rearview mirror , Accidents often occur , Therefore, it is necessary to add a person to act as the rearview mirror , But it goes against the car's original intention of pursuing speed , Affect the performance of the game . Later, someone invented the rearview mirror we see now and installed it on the car .1921 year , One named Elmer Berger( Elmer · Berger ) Our inventor patented the rearview mirror , And start mass production in their own company , The rearview mirror was officially born . This year is exactly the 100th anniversary of the rearview mirror . Now the rearview mirror has become a necessary tool for our daily driving , Various countries have also made clear requirements for the performance and installation standards of automobile rearview mirrors . How the future will change our neighboring countries, Japan and India , I'm going to cancel the car rearview mirror . Foreign media reports , Japan passed a new law , Allow cars without mirrors on the road , At the same time, the side mirror will also be replaced . Expect to 2023 year , Japan will have 29% Your car will cancel the rearview mirror .

The graph is : Streaming media rearview mirror disadvantages of traditional rearview mirror wind resistance when the car is driving at high speed , Because the rearview mirror extends out of the car body , In order to overcome air resistance, more fuel is wasted , The wind resistance coefficient is increased . If you cancel the rearview mirror , Not only reduce the wind resistance coefficient , Reduce fuel consumption , Reduce high-speed noise , In terms of automobile modeling, it can also let designers give better play to their design thinking . The blind area rearview mirror brings us great convenience at the same time , It also brings us huge security risks . Because it can't do everything , There are two huge blind spots at the left and right rear of the vehicle , There are not a few traffic accidents during vehicle driving , Especially in large vehicles such as trucks and buses , Some accidents are particularly tragic . And Japan 、 The reason why India cancels the mandatory requirements for car rearview mirrors , The reason is that with the development of new automobile technology, the rear of the car 、 Side camera and 360 Application of new technologies such as panoramic image in vehicles .

Image & Text : What are the advantages of traditional rearview mirror and streaming rearview mirror ? As a mirror “ A successor ”, For what I said before “ Windage resistance ”、“ Blind area ” And so on , The streaming media rearview mirror can be well solved , Drivers through the combination of HD camera and video , You can get a wider view . And at night , The HD camera has higher brightness than the traditional rearview mirror 、 More clarity . The real-time video can also be networked with the on-board system , Early warning and judgment can be made before the vehicle has a traffic accident , After a traffic accident, it can be saved as image data evidence , These are unmatched by traditional rearview mirrors . Streaming media rearview mirror as a new thing , The advantages of vehicle image system are self-evident , Maybe I saw these advantages , Only the relevant laws and regulations of Japan and other countries allow the automobile main engine factory to make corresponding changes . At home , Automobile rearview mirror is a safety configuration of automobile , Issued by the National Standardization Administration Committee 《 National standard 》 There are strict regulations on its technical parameters in . Today, with the increasing changes of automobile technology , Will our country also abolish the traditional rearview mirror like Japan ? Worth waiting for .

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