It's settled! The new Mercedes Benz C-class will be on the market the day after tomorrow. Which is the 1.5T luxury intermediate car to choose between it and the 3 series?

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settled new mercedes benz c-class

Beijing Benz officially announced , new generation Mercedes C Level will be on 8 month 27 Official listing . The new car is based on the second generation longitudinal rear drive MRA2 Platform to build , As a pillar of Mercedes Benz's sales in China , The car has received extensive attention , Let's see what highlights .

In a way , Appearance and interior are brand new Mercedes Benz C The biggest highlight of class , New Benz S Level released before , Mercedes C The class ate a wave of benefits of the latest design style , Jianghu people “ Small S”. The appearance of the new car is still very round , Although less aggressive , But it looks a little elegant , There is not much difference between the body line outline and cash , The main changes focus on the headlights and tail lights .

The interior style has been completely changed , As a whole, it follows Mercedes Benz S level , However, the shape of the air outlet has been changed to oval , It looks more lively and younger .12.3 Inch full LCD Meter supports naked eyes 3D, Many functions are integrated in the large central control screen , Eliminated most of the physical keys , At the same time, lean slightly towards the driver's seat , Convenient operation . The center console also has a large area of high gloss stripe trim panel , It looks more delicate .

Many make complaints about the power part , As 30 More than 10000 luxury intermediate cars , I still use it 1.5T Displacement engine . The new car provides three kinds of adjustment power ,C200L and C260L The car is equipped with 1.5T+48V Power combination of light-weight concrete , Low power and high power versions respectively ,C300L The car is equipped with 2.0T+48V Power combination of light-weight concrete , Feel more powerful .GO Che Jun comments : In recent months, BMW 3 The sales momentum of the series is very strong , Far more than Mercedes Benz C level ,2.0T Displacement starting 3 The system does have an advantage in power . Mercedes C Class interior has always been its trump card , After all, not everyone cares about motivation , Especially for female users . So wait for Mercedes Benz C After first-class listing , It and 3 It's hard to say who will lose and who will win the war .

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