2.5t engine + 4WD, acceleration of 4.3 seconds, space comparable to x1, dynamic and handsome appearance!

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2.5t engine 4wd wd acceleration

For Audi cars we are familiar with, especially SUV models , It can be said that it left a deep impression on everyone , audi Q7, audi Q5, audi Q3, audi Q2 These models can be said to have their own unique charm , And today I want to share with you this new modified Audi Q3, It has completed a comprehensive upgrade in terms of appearance and power , And in terms of power, it is more attractive than the ordinary model .2.5T engine + all-wheel-drive , Speed up 4.3 second , Space is comparable to X1, The dynamic appearance is so handsome !

This modified Audi Q3 The model adopts the latest high-power version 2.5T Turbocharged engine as power , And it's still one 5 Cylinder engine , In addition, the appearance of the car has also been comprehensively upgraded , Not only changed into a more sporty body shape , But also replaced with a new sports body suspension system , The body height of the whole vehicle is lower than that of the ordinary model 35 mm , At the same time, the car looks more sporty and fashionable in appearance .

It is worth mentioning that , This modified Audi Q3 The model also has the latest power system , The maximum output power of the low-power version is 341 kw , The maximum output power of the high-power version is 354 kw , The maximum output of the low-power version , Torque for 565, The maximum output torque of the nm high-power version is 610 Cattle meters , Moreover, this model also has the latest sporty high-performance intercooled exhaust system and oil cooling system , In addition, the acceleration impact of the car only needs 4.3 second , And the fastest speed can exceed 300 Km / h .

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