The first pure electric SUV gv60 of Genesys appears, with a spherical shift lever, and the visual sense of "Bentley"?

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pure electric suv gv60 gv

all the time , Modern's luxury brand Denise is famous for its elegant design , However, it recently released its first pure electric SUV GV60 It seems a little different . At first glance , You will find that this car not only has a sense of fashion and performance , There is also a sense of being cute .

The new car is based on modern Kia E-GMP Architecture to create , And Kia EV6、 modern IONIQ 5 And other models are sister models , It is expected that 2022 Officially appeared in .

The appearance of the new car continues the family style at the same time , It also integrates the design of pure electric vehicles , There seems to be a kind of “ Sense of crossover ”. Its front face adopts a closed air inlet grille design , Family iconic pentagonal front grille below , Plus the design elements of tusks on both sides , Very dynamic .

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