With automatic parking exposure 2022 Porsche taycan news

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automatic parking exposure porsche taycan

[ Car home information ] recently , We learned a wave of news about... From overseas media 2022 Porsche Taycan Vehicle type information , Although the new car has not been significantly adjusted at the design level , however , It will have more intelligent performance than before , meanwhile , The function of the battery system will also be optimized .

First we can see , The new car will have quite bright colors . It is reported that ,2022 Porsche Taycan Models will provide Paint to Sample and Paint to Sample Plus Two modes , among , The former will include 65 There are different colors to choose from ; The latter can satisfy almost all your fantasies about color .

Besides , The new car will be equipped with Remote Park Assist Auto Park , With the blessing of this system , The new car will be able to cope with many comparisons “ Difficult to stop ” Your parking space . The driver can start the system in the car and get off , Let the system complete the parking action ; meanwhile , The driver can also control the parking process through his mobile phone . configuration , The new car's infotainment system will support Android Auto, It is reported that , The vehicle's voice control system will also be upgraded and optimized .

Besides , The thermal management system and charging process of the new car will be optimized , It is reported that ,“Turbo Charging Planner” Can improve charging efficiency , Shorten charging time . however , The specific charging time is still unknown . Besides , By collecting excess heat from electronic components , The temperature of the battery system will be better regulated .

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