Volkswagen crazy new energy, domestic id.3, welcome to the market in December as soon as possible!

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volkswagen crazy new energy domestic

Enter the new energy market , The Volkswagen group obviously has a faster pace and pace . As a global new energy “ Spray ” The largest car market ,“ New four modernizations ” Brought about by the strict standards, so that many excellent players have emerged in the domestic market . In addition to the emerging independent new forces , Many large traditional car manufacturers such as Volkswagen have also gone to the sea . among , stay “ North and south people ” The market accumulation advantages of the two joint ventures enable , domestic ID. The series successfully ignited the market attention , And what once symbolized the public opening the door to electrification ID.3 series , It will finally be built by SAIC Volkswagen and will be launched this year 12 Complete the listing within months .

in fact , About SAIC Volkswagen ID.3 The news of , It has already appeared in the earlier batch of new car application list of the Ministry of industry and information technology , This means that before the new car is officially launched , The government has laid and built sufficient preparations . As based on the public MEB Compact hatchback car built on pure electric platform , Shanghai Volkswagen ID.3 And those already on the market ID.4 X and ID.6 X comparison , The front face still retains a very obvious pure electric familiarization feature ,IQ Light Headlights are still equipped .

interiors , Shanghai Volkswagen ID.3 It still follows the mainstream new energy product design style of the brand , The scientific and technological atmosphere is relatively eye-catching . In addition, according to previous information from the Ministry of industry and information technology , The new car is long, wide and high 4261/1778/1568mm, Wheelbase reached 2765mm, Compared with many competitors in the market , It has relatively obvious advantages and highlights .

​ In the power part , New cars will still bring PURE、PRO and 1ST Three versions are available . Refer to the data declared by the Ministry of industry and information technology , The new car will be equipped with a maximum power 125kW、 Peak torque 310N·m Rear drive motor , Depending on the version and battery capacity , In the new car WLTP The maximum range under working conditions will be 330km、420km as well as 550km, Compared with the Buick micro blue on sale in cash 6、 BYD e2 And so on have very obvious advantages .

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