Suzuki jimni five really coming? Google map street view leaked Secrets

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suzuki jimni really coming google

Since the release of the new generation Suzuki kimni, it has attracted much attention , The degree of popularity can be seen from the number of orders , And there is also a rumor in the market Suzuki It is intended to build different versions of Suzuki jimni to improve sales , Foreign media have previously captured this five door version of Suzuki jimni in Google Map The street view on the appears , Foreign netizens Kaustubh Nagwekar Accidentally found the car , So it is likely to be at the end of this year or 2022 I saw this car officially released at the beginning of the year , From previous data , The Suzuki kimni body size of five doors is 3,850 x 1,645 x 1,730mm、 The wheelbase is 2,550mm, Height above the ground 210mm, Overall vehicle weight 1,190 kg , In fact, it is still in the category of small cars , But compared with the three door version of Suzuki kimni, it's a lot bigger .

Judging from the comparison of vehicle lengths , Magnified 300mm, At the same time, the wheelbase is also enlarged 300mm, It means that all the lengthening contributes to the wheelbase , The rear passengers will have more comfortable leg space , It should be much more comfortable than the current version , After all, the current three door model, many people describe that there is no way to drive long distances in the back seat , And the luggage space suffered little after sitting in the back seat , The five door model will effectively solve these problems , However, the overall proportion of Suzuki kimni after stretching looks less cute , I wonder if we can continue such a warm buying trend .

The appearance of the five door car will be slightly different, and there will be more angular designs in the bumper design , It's no longer a square pure style , The water tank shield will also become a cross grid design , In addition, the interior will match 7 Inch car entertainment system , Of course, you can connect Apple CarPlay Take home Android Auto, There should be no change in the power system , But the price is likely to be much more expensive than three doors , Of course, when the practicability is much better , It depends on whether consumers pay for such an extended appearance change .

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