According to the latest information of GAC motor gs8, the fuel consumption is only 5.3l/100km

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latest information gac motor gs8

Easy car - In recent days, , GAC motor has released a new GS8 The latest information about , The new car will carry Toyota's fourth generation THS Hybrid power system ,NEDC Under working conditions, the fuel consumption is only 5.3L/100km, A tank of oil will run 1000 km .

Appearance design , New GAC motor GS8 You can still see the first generation GS8 Shadow ,“ overcautious ” Although the design looks more traditional , But the momentum and sense of stability are still very strong .

The dot matrix front grille is similar to V Font design , Officially called “ Zhanwei wing ” A grille . Chrome plated decorative strips with metal cutting texture are arranged symmetrically in dot form , Like a mathematical formula , Highlight the three-dimensional feeling of the front face .

besides , New GAC motor GS8 There will be another “ Dragon scale wing ” A grille , Inspiration comes from the dragon totem representing the king , Divergent rhombic grids are arranged in turn and symmetrically distributed , Plus transverse through plating trim , Strengthen the longitudinal extension of the front , Give people a more sharp visual effect .

In terms of body color , New GAC motor GS8 Added a new ink seal green color . This color is rare , yes GS8 Our designers draw inspiration from graphite and tourmaline crystal , After dozens of deployment and development , It has a certain advanced texture .

In terms of body size , New GAC motor GS8 Long / wide / High respectively 4980/1950/1780mm, Wheelbase reached 2920mm, Compared with the previous generation GS8 The length is lengthened 145mm, The width is widened 40mm, The wheelbase has also been lengthened 120mm; This size also has a slight advantage over the enlarged new Highlander .

motivation , New GAC motor GS8 In addition to the fuel version , The biggest highlight is the addition of Toyota THS Hybrid version , Meet the different needs of users for power system . Second generation trumpchi GS8 The fuel version , It is still equipped with the model independently developed by GAC, which is 4B20J1 The third generation of 2.0TGDI The engine , Matched with it is the new Aisin 8AT transmission . The maximum power of the engine is 185kW, The maximum torque is increased to 400N·m.

New GAC motor GS8 The hybrid version is the first to carry Toyota's fourth generation THS Independent brand models of hybrid system , from 2.0T Engine and Toyota ECVT form . among 2.0T The engine is the third generation Miller cycle engine independently developed by GAC group , code-named 4B20J2, And adopted GCCS Combustion control system , Integrated EGR recycling 、 New technologies such as dual channel turbocharger , Make its maximum net power reach 140kW, Maximum net torque reached 320N·m, The thermal efficiency can reach 40.23%.

The new GAC motor equipped with this hybrid system GS8 4WD models can be used in 6.9 Second realization 0-100km/h Speed up ,NEDC Under working conditions, the fuel consumption is only 5.3L/100km, A tank of oil will run 1000 km .

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