Can a car go off-road? Standard 4WD system! The appearance and interior upholstery are super handsome!

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car off-road road standard 4wd

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards , Consumers' car buying concept is quietly changing , From cars to SUV、MPV、 Station wagon to today's protagonist cross-border station wagon , All this proves that the car has developed from a means of transportation to a necessity to improve the quality of life . In recent days, , Mercedes - Mercedes Benz has released its new Mercedes Benz C level All-Terrain Official map of vehicle type , New car based on brand new C From the first-class travel Edition , And standard four-wheel drive system 、 Increase ground clearance , At the same time, off-road mode and other related configurations are added .

At the end :

according to the understanding of , New Benz C level All-Terrain It will be this year 9 It officially made its debut at the Munich International Auto Show opened in June . Judging from the information known so far , New cars will not be sold in the U. S. market , Probably only for the European market . Compared with the traditional station wagon , This cross-border style model is actually more practical , High ground clearance and 4WD system , Can make it go to more “ wild ” The place of , At the same time, it can also have the same handling feeling as the car , And that's what it compares to SUV One of the advantages of the model . What about? , If you , You will consider this new Mercedes Benz C level All-Terrain Do you ? Please leave me a message in the comment area !

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