Is this a four cylinder car you can't miss?

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1975 Frankfurt Motor Show , First generation Golf GTI Formal appearance , Due to the lack of market feedback on new cars , The public has formulated 5000 Capacity plan for Taiwan . But no one thought , First generation Golf GTI After listing, the response was strong , Instantly attracted a large number of fans , The final output reached 491690 car ,GTI The legend of steel gun has also opened up .

46 Years later, , Eighth generation Golf GTI Coming soon , Before the new car officially meets us , I have the honor to play a new generation of golf on the track GTI Had a short experience , It's still eye-catching , Also still “ Irritable ”!

If golf is a crown for the public , that GTI Maybe it's a pearl in the crown . As a well-known brand of Volkswagen IP,GTI The model is famous , Solid chassis adjustment and fighting appearance almost make it the of steel gun models “ spokesman ”, Sixth generation Golf GTI The localization of makes it more close to the people , For many performance enthusiasts , It is also an indelible memory .

golf GTI The difference between golf and ordinary golf , Even Xiaobai can detect it . This is not only reflected in the everywhere GTI Totem logo , The optimized air kit and the inheritance of classic elements still bring a strong aura . The red trim strip running through the front of the car is no longer lonely , The transverse light band is the icing on the cake , The slender shape of China open echoes the trend , The large honeycomb grille below brings a strong sense of performance , Classic five point honeycomb crystal LED The front fog lamp is particularly eye-catching .

The shape of the hatchback is what the steel gun should look like in many people's hearts , The shorter body naturally has more flexible handling performance ,18 Inch Tomahawk rim is as sharp as a blade , Red brake calipers make the finishing touch , Ventilation panels are used at the front and rear . The tires are made of Hantai's Ventus S1 evo 3, The handling performance in dry land and wetland is excellent , The specification is 225/40 R18.

GTI The logo is placed on the public LOGO Directly below , The effect can no longer be intuitive , The rear bumper area is optimized , More emphasis on the sense of hierarchy and power .IQ.Light Technology lighting is not absent , The dynamic water diversion function brings higher recognition , The exhaust pipe with two sides is the size of a fist , The deep and thick sound is even more unforgettable .

The interior of the new car is basically consistent with golf , The center console leaning to the driver's side is more conducive to the creation of driving atmosphere , Through air outlet 、 Two large screens and touch buttons are not absent , Unique elements are used in the details to highlight the sports atmosphere .

The model specific three spoke flat bottom steering wheel has GTI identification , Leather wrapped with perforated non slip design , The grip is very full 、 Thick .10.25 Inch LCD Meter supports custom display , For example, a single lap timer has a strong sense of performance , The red theme color is also in place .

10 Inch large central control screen with built-in CNS3.0 Intelligent vehicle navigation infotainment system ,UI The design is very simple , The application layout is very clear , However, there are occasional jams in use , There is still some room for optimization . The box on the left Home The keys make the operating experience close to that of a tablet , Functional support CarPlay/CarLife Connect 、 Car networking 、 Online navigation 、 Gesture feedback, etc .

Large screen is popular nowadays , It's a pity to cancel the physical knob , However, the sliding touch mode used by the public is also excellent , responsive , The visual effect is also simplified . Besides , The center console area is treated with ripple points and lines , A better sense of hierarchy .

double Type-C The interface solves many problems iOS The urgent need of mobile phone users , The lower storage compartment has wireless charging function , And with anti-skid design .

The size mini electronic gear handle looks a little cute , The treatment of piano baking paint brings a good texture . Harman Caton surround sound uses 10 Speaker design , Support PURE( pure )、CHILL OUT( Relax )、LIVE( The scene ) and ENERGY( vitality ) Four sound settings .

GTI The classic integrated checkered sports seat of the model will not be absent ,GTI The embroidery is eye-catching , Flanks on both sides provide better support , It can clamp the body in every turn , It's very safe . Functional aspects , Front seat heating 、 Main driver 12 Two way electric adjustment and seat memory function are equipped .

Besides , The rear of the vehicle is also equipped with air conditioning outlets , It also adopts touch operation , There are two... Below Type-A Charging port , Plus the center console Type-C Interface , Meet the charging needs of almost all mobile phones .

motivation , The new car follows the third generation EA888 2.0T The engine , The most powerful 220 horsepower , Maximum torque 350 cattle · rice , 100 km comprehensive fuel consumption 6.7L, Engine weight reduction 7KG, Meet the national six emission standards ; Transmission system , The new car matches 7 Fast wet double clutch gearbox , Still use the precursor layout .

The venue for this test drive is Beijing De'an racetrack , The track is not long, but there are many corners , Turning back also accounts for the majority . After a short test drive , golf GTI I was still impressed by the steady and rapid performance —— It drives fast and hard !

In sport mode , golf GTI The steel gun attribute of is completely released , After pressing the accelerator pedal deeply , The engine will be more willing to keep the speed high at all times ,6000rpm-7000rpm The shifting rhythm between gears ensures the maximum power output as much as possible , The feeling of pushing back comes very quickly . The sonorous and powerful shift is accompanied by the gradually loud exhaust sound , All of them are exciting .

With the addition of progressive electric power steering system, golf has become more and more popular GTI The driving feel is more delicate , Directivity is also more accurate , The degree of coincidence between steering angle and psychological expectation is very high . Every turn , The front of the car responded very quickly , Thanks to the second generation DCC Blessing of dynamic chassis control system , Good tracking makes golf GTI The overall driving experience is extremely strong , The excellent support performance of the rear section of the suspension also ensures the stability of the vehicle in bending .

Even in the face of a large-scale shift of focus , The steady body posture can still give the driver enough confidence , The front of the car responds quickly , The rear of the car is also more willing to enter the corner , Even if the body slips a little , The intervention of electronic control system also brings excellent controllability , Fast and safe , The fun of driving on the edge of the limit is fascinating .

The blessing of manual paddle makes driving more fun , The linkage between the paddle and the gearbox is very high , Fast response , At the same time, it has a very wide shift range , The shift rhythm with higher degrees of freedom is also conducive to the driver's accurate grasp of body dynamics , At the same time, it also has a higher challenge . Besides , The new car also added the ejection start function for the first time , More playable .

With the continuous growth of domestic automobile consumption market , The demand for car purchase in subdivided areas is also growing , For young consumers , Sports car 、 Steel cannon 、 Key words such as manipulation are added to the shopping list , New golf GTI Its appearance perfectly meets the market demand of emerging consumer groups . meanwhile , Chinese auto manufacturers are also gradually making efforts , We saw link 02 hatchback、 GAC motor shadow leopard 、 mg 6 PRO Such models have sprung up , It also has a certain driving pleasure and price advantage , When the , The domestic sports car field is bound to present a picture of a hundred flowers in full bloom , And for consumers , It's not a good thing ?

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