The racing design style is very aggressive. Ferrari 488 pista real car

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racing design style aggressive. aggressive

ferrari 488 Pista Real vehicle , The shape is a racing design style , The silver grey car paint is more luxurious . The body design of ultra wide body is full of combat effectiveness , The downward sloping front face is very aggressive . The long and narrow daytime running lights on the left and right sides are exquisite and fashionable , The internal structure is drawn very carefully , The visual effect after lighting is also very excellent . The bulging body lines on the hood are very obvious , And strong muscle strength . The side dive body posture is very powerful , The concave treatment of the door is sharp , The rearview mirror is exquisitely designed . Bright black wheels with yellow calipers are sporty , The power performance is also excellent . The oval tail light at the rear of the car has a strong sense of fashion , The recognition of driving at night is also very high , The rear enclosed air handling kit is also very sporty .

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