Aiming to break the "myth" of GL8 sales, what are the highlights of domestic Saina

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aiming break myth gl8 gl

TNGA Advantages of Architecture , Once again empowered to the domestic market MPV field . As the first car owned by GAC Toyota MPV models , domestic Saina seems to have entered the final preparation for listing . Especially this year , This new work will be officially unveiled at Chengdu auto show . Although the information about new cars is still very limited , But in terms of the hot market performance of the imported version , In the future, domestic enterprises are expected to become joint ventures MPV maximal “ spoiler ”.

As for the appearance , Previously, the Ministry of industry and information technology has disclosed the actual vehicle map information , From which we can also clearly see , The domestic version is highly consistent with the overseas version . New Toyota TNGA Family style front face design elements are very eye-catching , With a large front surround shape , The burly atmosphere and fashion sense created by the whole are particularly obvious .

In terms of interior decoration, the domestic version has not been disclosed yet , But with reference to overseas models , The large suspended central control screen not only embellishes the internal scientific and technological atmosphere , At the same time, with the blessing of solid wood texture decorative board and other elements , IKEA's sense of class has also been well displayed . Besides , In view of the large space upgrade of Toyota's scientific and technological configuration in the past two years , Therefore, in the future, domestic Saina is expected to have a good performance in intelligent Internet connection and intelligent driving assistance .

Dynamic part , According to previous relevant messages , A new car will be provided in the future by 2.5 L naturally aspirated four cylinder gas engine and motor , The integrated power of the system is 183kW, In terms of transmission system, it is common to match Toyota series hybrid models E-CVT transmission , In addition, the pre drive and 4WD versions will be supported .

​ summary : In China today MPV Market segmentation , Not only does the long ball lead the joint venture camp GL8, In terms of independent brands, GAC motor was also born M8 Wait for the hot models , What attitude will GAC Toyota take to join the war next , Even beyond these veterans with market experience and user base , Perhaps the price level will be another advantage of this new car .

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