Kiwi EV will be officially listed on August 31, with a pre-sale price of 69800-78800 yuan

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kiwi ev officially listed august

recently , The driving sight is known from the official , Baojun brand “ Futuristic modern car ”KiWi EV Will be in 8 month 31 Official listing . The new car has been pre sold before , There are two models , Pre-sale price 6.98-7.88 Ten thousand yuan .

aesthetic , Previously, it was officially revealed , New cars will be provided “ cream ”、“ Yao night ”、“ Emerald ”、“ Rouge ”、“ mint ” as well as “ Clear sky ” There are six colors in total . In terms of shape ,KiWi EV Basically continued E300 Of “ Interstellar geometry ” Design language , Provide two-color body design , The front of the car is equipped with the latest brand logo .

configuration , New car offers LED Daytime running light 、LED high-mount stop lamp 、 Headlights delay off 、 Concealed door handle, etc . And in the car ,KiWi EV Provide fabric / Leather seats 、 Car networking 2.0 System 、OTA upgrade 、ESC Body stabilization system 、 Automatic parking 、 Low speed pedestrian warning 、 Direct tire pressure monitoring, etc . meanwhile , High configuration models can also be equipped with intelligent optional package , Including multi scene intelligent parking system 、 Full speed adaptive cruise 、 Emergency braking 、3 Panoramic image configuration .

Power system , The new car is equipped with a maximum power output 40kW、 Maximum torque 150N·m The motor of , Maximum range 305km. Besides , The body is equipped with front McPherson independent suspension 、 Rear double wishbone independent suspension 、 Electronic parking, etc . in addition , High configuration models also provide 220V Power on function . It can meet the emergency power consumption .

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