Lingke 03 + cyan customized official map is coming! 00 acceleration 5.7s is "blue"?

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lingke cyan customized official map

【 Smart car news 】 Led the g 03 The family is very popular with young people in China , This is because it has a unique appearance , At the same time, its performance 、 The configuration level is also at the forefront of the same level . Such a collar 03, It's hard for young people not to love . and , Led the g 03 Still updating products .

Led the g 03+Cyan Customized version

In recent days, , Zhiche sect has obtained a group of Lingke from relevant channels 03+Cyan Custom version of official drawings , From the name alone , This new car is very sporty .

Led the g 03+Cyan Customized version

From this group of official figures , Led the g 03+Cyan The custom version shows the movement 、 Young personality , There is not much to say in front of it , It is still the design language of cash . But looking around the body , Led the g 03+Cyan The custom version uses a new blue color , With yellow painted calipers 、 Blackened rim , And the exhaust gas at four sides of the tail , Overall, it seems that there is a strong sense of combat .

Led the g 03+Cyan Customized version

As for the interior of the new car , We don't know yet , But its design style should also be sports .

In the most striking power part , Led the g 03+Cyan The customized version will be equipped with Drive-E T5 The engine , The maximum power is 265Ps, Peak torque 380N·m, 100km acceleration time 5.7s. In the same class , This power configuration can hardly find a second one . Of course , Its price is also expected to be higher , May break through 20 Ten thousand yuan .

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