Marketing of electric vehicle industry in peak season opens up a new path and tailing joins the live wave

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marketing electric vehicle industry peak

according to the understanding of , Affected by the rebound of epidemic situation and force majeure , Even in the peak marketing season , The performance of offline dealers and stores of major electric vehicle brands is still dismal , a deserted house , The terminal market of tailing electric vehicle is particularly lively , Following the large-scale development of outdoor advertising screen brushing mode , Tailing electric car enlarges again . More and more tailing dealers have settled on the webcast platform , Live broadcast and goods delivery through the combination of online and offline . Online rush buying storms emerge one after another , The sales of a single live broadcast exceeded 1000 units, and the good news continued !

Tailing dealers actively carried out live selling of cars online and won a big victory , It is not only because you can fully understand the core advantages and excellent quality of TWB products through online live broadcasting without going out on the street , And you can get a value-added car price without bargaining , It is also because the platform bell is always user-centered , R & D and production of many electric vehicles that save electricity and run farther , Provide more high-quality solutions for consumers' better travel and life .

More Than This , The platform bell always thinks of the user , Door to door delivery was launched in special times 、 Free after-sales service and various humanized services such as maintenance and compensation for lost cars , From the inside out , Improve in an all-round way , Let consumers buy at ease , Don't worry about it ! At the moment when live car selling has become the new normal of the industry , The future marketing arena will be “ on-line + Offline ” The combination of . Next , The station bell will continue to broadcast live online “ accurate ” Force , Create a new competitive advantage , Run farther !

Why does tailing electric vehicle always lead the industry ? Why can tailing electric car continue to run farther ? This is closely related to the first-class marketing means of tailing . In such a difficult environment of the electric vehicle industry , At a time when other brands are helpless , The bell shot decisively , At the variety show 、 When sports marketing is hot one after another , All round outdoor advertising online , Multi dimensional resources are used together , Open online live broadcast and bring goods again , Fully enabled terminal , Better realize the preemption of TSL brand to consumers' mind , Help the dealer drain the water , Deliver continuous passenger flow to local regional terminal stores , Accelerate the transformation of sales .

Of course , Tailing electric vehicle ranks first in the industry and has been leading the whole industry , This is inseparable from the advance layout of energy-saving products . in fact , As early as 2020 In, tailing began to build a family of energy-saving products , It covers electricity from 、 Electric light friction 、 The number of energy-saving models in the three categories of electric motorcycle exceeds 100 Balance , All of them have passed the certification of authoritative institutions and won “ Energy saving signs ”.

besides , Tailing Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd 18 Years of research and development , Have 600 A number of national patented technologies , Original cloud power 4.0 Power saving system detonates the whole industry ! what's more ,4.0 Power saving system in energy reserve 、 Battery performance 、 Vehicle performance 、 Energy efficiency and transformation have been improved and optimized , Let the super power series realize “ One charge · Double mileage ”.

It is worth mentioning that , more importantly , As the only enterprise in the industry to participate in the drafting of China's electric vehicle energy-saving product certification specifications , Tailing, which has mastered the core technology of energy saving and power saving, is not only deeply loved by Chinese people , It has also gained the trust of users in many countries and regions around the world , Therefore, it has won the favor of the United Nations Environment Programme , It has become the only United Nations electric travel partner in the industry , Take the lead in opening a precedent for Chinese electric vehicle brands to participate in global environmental governance , And jointly completed the pilot work in many countries and regions around the world .

all the time , Tailing electric car dares to be the first , Remain true to our original aspiration , Annotate the times with scientific and technological innovation , With products more in line with users' expectations, they have become partners on the road of struggle for countless ordinary people , Make electric vehicle travel an irreplaceable means of transportation , Contribute Chinese wisdom and travel solutions to global low-carbon travel , Let the Chinese electric vehicle brand on the world stage , Out of a new future .( editor : Zhang Xiaobo )

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