28 years later! The new big dipper X5 is exposed! Only feelings left?

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years later new big dipper

With the upgrading of consumption and young people gradually become the main force of the domestic car market , Many classic models have also undergone brand-new changes , The difference with previous models is very obvious , After all, only by catering to the market demand can the model continue . Suzuki motors, which has been delisted in China for a long time , At that time, it also brought many mini cars with close prices to consumers , In addition to the well-known Alto , The Big Dipper star jointly built by Changhe Automobile and Suzuki is also one of them . Maybe this model is almost forgotten , But it's still on sale , Changhe Automobile has long been included in the brand camp of BAIC . Now on sale Changhe Big Dipper X5 Compared with previous models , The change is not obvious , It's easy to pull us back to that era . And in the near future , New Changhe Big Dipper X5 It appears in the declaration directory of the Ministry of industry and information technology , The difference between the vehicle outline and the cash model is not obvious , The classic look continues . Compared with cash , The new big dipper X5 The shape of the front face has obvious changes , The wide trim strip running through the air inlet grille has been cancelled , Change to double decorative strips with more visual sense . There is a double lens configuration inside the sharp headlamp group , It has a certain sense of fashion . The blackened mesh air inlet on the underside of the front face is changed to the decoration of smooth trim strip , The shape of the front surround is still a regular design method .

The overall contour of the side of the car body is basically the same as that of the cash , The front and rear wheel eyebrows were blackened , The lower side of the body is decorated with wide and long smoked black trim panels , Make the appearance of the side body improve a lot , The size of the small window at the rear of the car has also been increased . in addition , The design of luggage rack is added to the roof of the new car , It's much easier to pull loads . In terms of body size , The new big dipper X5 The length, width and height are respectively 3664/1610/1689mm( Equipped with luggage rack 1722mm), The wheelbase is 2485mm.

The rear of the car is still flat design , However, the position of each accessory has been adjusted : The tail lamp group moves from the lower side to the upper side , The vertical split design is more atmospheric than the cash tail lamp group ; The license plate area has been moved up , And added the decoration of silver trim ; The lower side is surrounded by fumigation through both ends , Improves the visual width of the tail .

In terms of motivation , The new big dipper X5 Still carrying “ Has a long history ” Of K14B-D 1.4L Self priming engine , Maximum power is 71kw, In line with the national six emission standards . Although performance has no advantages , But also good , This model is lighter , Only 930kg, So it shouldn't be too hard to drive .

On the whole , The new big dipper X5 There are still a lot of new details on the appearance , The sense of fashion has indeed improved , The addition of luggage rack makes the practicability of this car more prominent . however , Even in the first generation of Suzuki Wagon R Has been released 28 After year , We can still be in this big dipper X5 I saw the figure of this classic car on the . Suzuki, which is currently on sale overseas Wagon R It has been updated to the sixth generation , The appearance value of the whole vehicle is directly “ To hang up ” The new big dipper X5, Such a contrast , The new big dipper without drastic changes X5 There is still “ laurels ” disrelish . Although the competitive environment in the domestic fuel mini car market is relatively loose , But it's hard for consumers to be interested in this model with moderate shape , And more consumers prefer to keep cars easily 、 New energy micro electric models with low price , So we can say , The new big dipper X5 still “ poor ” There are only feelings left .

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