Baojun Kiwi EV went public on August 31, and the real car has arrived at the store

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baojun kiwi ev went public

[ The domestic new car of aika automobile is original ]

baojun KiWi EV The new car preemptive price was released not long ago , Including basic version “ The designer ” models 6.98 Ten thousand yuan , Advanced version “ The artist ” models 7.88 Ten thousand yuan , Consumers can visit Baojun APP、LingClub APP、 Tmall, and other official platforms .8 month 25 Japan , Aika Automobile Co., Ltd , baojun KiWi EV Will be in 8 month 31 Official listing . It is reported that , The pre-sale of the car made more than a week 3000 Orders for units .

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KiWi EVKiWi EV It can be regarded as Baojun E300 The iterative product of , Followed “ Interstellar geometry ” Design concept of , The car body TWO-TONE Split design elements of splicing , All standard LED Daytime running light 、LED high-mount stop lamp 、 Headlights delay off . The artist's version of the concealed door handle is electric , And provide back glyph LED Daytime running light , Electric adjustment of exterior rearview mirror

interiors ,KiWi EV Flat design elements are used to create , The silver trim strip running through the center console creates the visual feeling of the suspended cabin . It is worth mentioning that , The design of some details is very flattering , For example, the central console adopts the physical key design of piano key style , The instrument panel and door panels on both sides are decorated with 3D Woven design elements with gradient effect , The whole looks quite fashionable .

In the selection of materials in the carriage ,KiWi EV A material called rice straw plant fiber is used , The material is a new biodegradable environmental protection material , With low volatility 、 Low odor characteristics , The combination of light wheat flavor and weaving design elements gives people a relaxed and happy sensory experience . It is worth mentioning that , The car is equipped with leather seats as standard , It's full of sincerity .

configuration ,KiWi EV Equipped with full scene intelligent parking 、ACC Adaptive cruise 、AEB Automatic emergency braking , And it's all standard BAOJUN Car networking 2.0. It is worth mentioning that ,KiWi EV Also with OTA Remote upgrade technology . By mobile phone APP, Users can get vehicle endurance anytime, anywhere 、 Location, etc . Besides , mobile phone APP It also has the function of remotely turning on the air conditioner , And mobile phone keys and sharing authorization functions .

motivation ,KiWi EV Carrying maximum power 40kW(54 horsepower )、 Peak torque 150Nm The motor of , The range is up to 305 km , In DC fast charging mode, the power is from 30% Charge to 80% Only 1 Hours . The new car provides users with 7kW Household charging pile and 220V Three hole socket charging , Household charging post 4-5 Hours to fill . Besides ,KiWi EV Provide 8 Years or 12 Ten thousand kilometers three electricity quality assurance policy .

Edit comment on : Although this new car is based on the previous E300 The model was renamed , But the configuration has been greatly improved , It can be said that the product strength has been strengthened a lot . Due to Hongguang MINIEV The great success of , At present, many car companies have seen the opportunity of this market . Baojun, who has long arranged here, also hopes to replicate the success of brother brands . But in terms of body size and price , baojun KiWi EV And Hongguang MINIEV There should be no competition .

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