How many turns does it take to put the direction right?

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turns direction right

When taking the driver's license , The coach sometimes says to turn the steering wheel one and a half times , Then I watched it several times and felt more than a lap and a half , Do you have a ring . When the steering wheel is positive , The logo on the steering wheel is upward , So we can infer that after a lap and a half , Should the arrow go down ? But there is no , After the steering wheel is killed , The logo is facing the side .

Sometimes , The coach will say back to the half turn , Half a circle doesn't mean 180 Degrees ? Then the coach will say, put the car right , After the car body is straightened, it has to go back . In this case , Follow the coach , Does it feel like there's no plate ?

in fact , In fact, the coach said two laps : Turn the steering wheel to the end , That is, a little more than a lap and a half , Less than two laps . When the steering wheel turns back , The logo on the steering wheel faces up . Back two laps , Then the steering wheel sign arrow faces up twice , At the same time, the front wheels should be aligned .

Practice reverse warehousing in subject 2 , When the front wheel position cannot be confirmed during the test , Just turn the steering wheel all the way to one side , Then go back two circles to align . Remember this method , When the steering wheel makes one and a half turns , And don't think about how many degrees to play , Just turn the steering wheel back . then , The same goes for the loop , Don't look at the degrees , As long as the logo is up .

Finally, popularize : The steering wheel is divided into those with and without power . among , The moped in the new direction is 1.5 circle ; The old non directional moped is 2 circle . There is another difference : The power steering wheel is small , Expressed as four , There is a horn in the middle . Another one , The non power steering wheel is much more , Two , Now it's usually four , There are horns on both sides of the rectangle .

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