Three Beijing Hyundai new energy vehicles recommended without discount

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beijing hyundai new energy vehicles

There is no discount on real endurance Three Beijing Hyundai new energy vehicles are recommended

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“ There are no three days in summer , Xinliang is worth ten thousand gold ”, For the North , Just sent away the hot summer , The cold winter is not far away ,“ Electric dad ” We are going through the winter test again !

however , Have we ever thought about frequent endurance 500km New energy vehicles , Under severe cold conditions, why does the endurance ability cut back directly ? Simply speaking , The lower the temperature , The lower the battery vitality , The efficiency of charging and discharging is greatly reduced ; In addition, driving in northern winter , Air conditioning is another big power consumer . Therefore, the endurance mileage of pure tram type is halved in winter , It is also a last resort for many models !

however , For consumers , Accept pure electric cars , What you buy is experience , There is no need to accept its shortcomings . Based on existing battery technology , Adopt certain product design means ,“ Winter endurance ” This problem can still be solved to a certain extent , Beijing Hyundai's new energy vehicle products provide such a “ It's a real endurance ” Solutions for .

First , As a highly integrated product in the field of industrial manufacturing , To some extent, it is the result of Supply Chain Integration , Whose supply chain system has more advantages , Who is the strong in this field !

At present, Beijing Hyundai is the core supplier of new energy vehicles , Including Ningde times, which ranks first in the field of new energy power batteries in the world, and Continental, a top automotive supplier , The strength of both of them is beyond doubt in the whole auto industry . And with the battery and motor technology they provide , Beijing Modern “ It's a real endurance ” It can be said that it has laid a solid hardware foundation .

Take Beijing Hyundai mingtu pure electric vehicle as an example , official NEDC life 520km, There are measured data to show , Adjust the energy recovery force to 2 block , Adjust the air volume of the air conditioner to 2 The block temperature is set at 20 degree , The driving mode is adjusted to ECO Under the conditions of economic model , All in all 400 Km time 8 Hours 54 branch , Through the loop 、 The national highway 、 mountain path 、 Highway and other common road conditions , When you finally get back to your destination , The table shows the remaining range and 95 km , Electric quantity 20%, Endurance is not empty , Beijing Hyundai breaks with real data “ Endurance anxiety ”.

Beijing Hyundai has to choose “ By spectrum ” In addition to our suppliers , In order to effectively improve battery efficiency in various driving environments , Especially to solve “ Driving range at low temperature is halved ” The pain points , We also attach great importance to battery management technology .

First , Beijing Hyundai has adopted intelligent temperature control system in its pure tram type , It has the functions of low-temperature heating and high-temperature cooling , Can be under zero 30°C To above zero 55°C At ambient temperature , Make sure that the power battery is on 25°C~45°C Ideal temperature range for efficient operation , Ensure power performance , Extend battery life . If the temperature is too low , The system will automatically preheat the battery , Ensure that the battery reaches the best charging temperature , Ensure battery charging power and shorten charging time . In the coming northern winter , This function is quite practical .

secondly , The energy recovery device of Beijing modern new energy vehicle is also quite awesome , It uses a more efficient “ Regenerative braking energy recovery ” System , You can slow down or slide , Convert kinetic energy into electrical energy , Stored in the power battery , To increase the range of the vehicle . Take mingtu pure electric as an example , Its energy recovery rate can exceed 24%, And the energy recovery of general electric vehicles is very important to NEDC The mileage contribution rate is only about 15% about .

The most worth mentioning is , Charging technology of Beijing modern new energy vehicles , Like the name picture, the pure electric vehicle has fast charging 、 Slow charging 、 Emergency charging and other charging modes . When the battery is low , Charge 12 Minutes to get 100 Kilometers of endurance , It's time for a cup of coffee to start again , You can face any emergency with ease , Very convenient and fast .

Yes “ By spectrum ” Supply chain and leading technology capability , Consumers will naturally favor new energy vehicles made by traditional car enterprises , Meet this demand , Beijing Hyundai has a deep layout on new energy vehicles , Pure electric products have realized from A level 、B Class car to SUV Full coverage of vehicle models , Meet different consumer needs , Name picture pure electric 、 Festa pure electric 、 Onsino pure electric and other models came into being .

B Class a pure electric car name map pure electric main household demand , In terms of hard configuration, it has up to 520km Of NEDC recharge mileage 、 as well as 2770mm Skip wheelbase , Can bring more excellent driving experience for home users ; As many as 23 Term ADAS Auxiliary driving configuration , It also gives consumers a more convenient driving experience ; and 17.88-20.38 The selling price range of 10000 yuan , And free maintenance for life ( First owner only ) Including a number of car purchase benefits , So that consumers don't have to rely on “ Consumption of the drop ” You can A Enjoy the price of first-class cars B The quality of a class car , Mingtu pure electric is really a hard choice to refuse .

The festa pure electric is a model that focuses on sports performance “ app ”, At range 490km On the basis of , Able to 135kw Maximum power output 、 as well as 310N·m Maximum torque of , Its power data can be compared with some on the market 1.5T The engine is flat , Even better ; Coupled with the dynamic car running appearance , It can be called the first choice for young people pursuing driving feeling . At present, the price of Beijing Hyundai fista pure electric is 17.38-19.88 Ten thousand yuan , Now you can enjoy it when you buy a car 4 Ten thousand yuan in cash 、5 A thousand yuan electricity subsidy 、 And lifetime free maintenance ( First owner only ) And so on .

love SUV Consumers of models don't have to worry , Beijing Hyundai launched simultaneously SUV Model onsino pure electric , Have 500km Range of 、150kw Maximum output power and 310N·m Peak torque , It is definitely an excellent pure electric SUV; And overseas models ——KONA EV, It has won the North American model of the year award . At present, the selling price of onsino pure electric is 17.28-19.88 Ten thousand yuan , Now there are still 5 Million cash discount and 5000 Yuan of electricity subsidies and other welfare policies .

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