Black Mini special edition is listed. Why doesn't uncle Che recommend it?

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black mini special edition listed.

I don't know if you will miss the era of using noaki now with a full screen mobile phone in your hand , In those days, Nokia, the only Nokia, could not see the changes in the world , Stubbornly stick to yourself , Finally submerged in the rolling torrent of history . There is a brand in the auto industry that is very special , Its models are like classic Nokia phones , But it is not as complacent as Nokia , But evolve along the development trend of the times , At the moment when the models are bigger and bigger, they still can't be replaced , This brand is MINI.

In the near future ,MINI Its black label MINI The special edition is officially on the market , A total of 12 Product configuration , There are three versions , Five door version , Convertible version and SUV edition , Price range: 25.78~37.18 Ten thousand yuan . The new car carries out a comprehensive blackening treatment for the whole vehicle , And the body color is also limited to midnight gray and 80 degree gray , Next, I will select the three special editions with the lowest price range for detailed analysis , Look at the overall performance of the new car .


The appearance of the new model still maintains the appearance after modification , Compared with the old models , The front face of the new car changes a lot , The outline of the polygonal grid is still , However, the interior adds decoration around the license plate , The outline becomes more complex . The round headlight group still appears above the hood , Internal configuration LED The light source , And with automatic headlights ,LED Daytime running light , Adjustable headlamp height and other functions . Black label MINI The special edition mainly blackens the vehicle completely , In addition to the light group, the front face is black to the end , Like a black knight .

Black label MINI The body data of the special edition three door panel model has not changed , Its length, width and height are respectively 3832(3853)×1727×1451(1450)mm, The wheelbase is 2495mm, Specific data changes are mainly caused by different accessories . The body side of the new model is also all black , The car side has piano black waist line painting and C Custom logo below the column .

Black label MINI The rear shape of the special edition has not changed , The tail is equipped with the iconic meter flag tail lamp , The oval design is very similar to the headlamp group , The interior also matches LED The light source , High recognition when lit at night . The back surround design has a sense of hierarchy , Just like the back surrounding trim panel made of imitation carbon fiber, it adds a strong feeling to this lovely car .

Interior design

Although the black mark MINI The interior picture of the special edition has not been released yet , But Che Shu expects that the interior layout of the new car will not change , After all, this classic interior has been followed for many years , Even limited edition , The special edition is no different . at present MINI Has been equipped with LCD dashboard , The whole shape is still oval , An embedded central control display screen like a turntable is also equipped above the central console , Size is 8.8 Inch , Internal matching has mobile phone interconnection mapping , Voice recognition control , Internet of vehicles and other functions .

The interior seats of the new models are wrapped in imitation leather and leather respectively , In terms of function, it provides two-way adjustment of the height of the driver's and passenger's seats , Leg rest adjustment , Two way adjustment of lumbar support , However, the front seat adjustment mode of the new car is still manual , stay 20 In the price of more than 10000 yuan , Such configuration performance has been very rare .

The rear seats of the new models remain at the same level as the front seats in terms of material application and workmanship , Because it's a three door version , Therefore, adults enter the second 2 It's very difficult to row , The significance of this row of seats is mainly to store daily items .

dynamic system

Black label MINI The special edition has not been adjusted in terms of power , Refer to the three door version on sale , According to different configurations, the new car is expected to carry 1.5T and 2.0T Two engines , among 1.5T The turbocharged engine is divided into two versions of high and low power , Its maximum output power is 136 Horsepower and 102 horsepower ,2.0T The maximum output power of the turbocharged engine is 192 horsepower . Transmission system , What matches it is 7 Fast wet double clutch gearbox .

Model configuration and purchase suggestions ‍

Black label MINI The main changes of the special edition focus on the appearance coating , The new car is not adjusted for configuration and power , Although the specific configuration of the black standard special edition model has not been announced yet , But there is a specific price , The black mark MINI There are three configurations in the three door Special Edition , Price range: 25.79~30.08 Ten thousand yuan , We can find three corresponding three door models (COOPER The artist 、COOPER S Classic school 、COOPER S The artist ) Analyze , The price range of these three ordinary models is 24.48~29.28 Ten thousand yuan , It is close to the price range of black standard special edition models , It can be used as a reference .

2022 paragraph 1.5T COOPER The artist

Recommend index :*

Configure comments : Configuration performance is comprehensive , Matching three cylinder engine

Guide price 24.48 Ten thousand yuan , The configuration provides front and rear head airbags in terms of function , Body stability control , Rear parking radar , Cruise control , Driving mode switch , Hill auxiliary , Segmented power sunroof , Keyless start , Keyless entry , Steering wheel four way adjustment , Leather seats ,8.8 Inch central control display screen , Voice recognition control ,LED Daytime running light , The automatic air conditioning , Temperature zoning control, etc , The basic configuration performance is comprehensive enough , but COOPER What the artist matches in terms of motivation is 1.5T Three cylinder engine , Not easily accepted by consumers .

2022 paragraph 2.0T COOPER S Classic school

Recommend index :**

Configure comments : matching 2.0T The engine , The overall cost performance is high

Guide price 27.48 Ten thousand yuan , The configuration is powered by 2.0T Turbocharged engine , Its maximum output power has reached 192 horsepower , meanwhile ,COOPER S The classic school also has more functions than the steering wheel shift , Haman caton 12 Loudspeaker, etc , The overall cost performance will be higher .

2022 paragraph 2.0T COOPER S The artist

Recommend index :*

Configure comments : Limited improvement

Guide price 29.28 Ten thousand yuan , Compared with the classic school, this configuration has only... More functions 18 Inch tires , The whole car is keyless , Front center armrest , Leather seats, etc , The increase is extremely limited , Low cost performance .

Car uncle summary

in general ,MINI It's a model that focuses on appearance and appearance , Although the product layout of this series is wide , With three door versions , Five door version , Convertible version and SUV, It only makes a difference in appearance , Black label MINI The special edition continues the consistent routine of the brand , Impress people through different looks .MINI Relying on the BMW brand, it has made good achievements in the field of luxury small cars , People who know it love it very much , People who don't understand it won't even understand , Uncle Che thinks that in terms of the configuration and power performance of the car , With its 20 The price of more than 10000 yuan really can't match , And the narrow space is a nightmare for multi population families , Good looking but not practical is the final definition given by Uncle Che , So uncle Che's opinion is : It's not worth starting !‍

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