Oil prices are down! The era of 6 yuan is coming. Will the era of 5 yuan be far behind?

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oil prices era yuan coming.

Website of national development and Reform Commission 8 month 23 According to the news released on the th , According to the recent changes in oil prices in the international market , According to the current price formation mechanism of refined oil , since 2021 year 8 month 23 Japan 24 At the time of its , Domestic steam 、 The price of diesel oil per ton decreased respectively 250 Genna 245 element . According to the fuel tank of ordinary household car 50L Capacity estimation , After the price adjustment , The car owner filled up a box 92 Number of gasoline , Will spend less 10 element .

The domestic refined oil price has been lowered this time , It was the biggest decline in the year , This is due to the great changes in the relationship between supply and demand of crude oil in the international market , As a result, oil prices continued to fall . On the demand side , Global COVID-19 is still raging. , Multinational travel restrictions , Weak demand for transportation fuel . On the supply side ,“ OPEC +” The intensity of production reduction will be relaxed from this month , Daily production increase 40 barrels , Meanwhile, the U.S. Department of Energy announced on Monday , It is planned to sell up to from the national strategic oil reserve 2000 Barrels of crude oil .

The change of supply side and demand side makes investment institutions panic , There was a sell-off in the market , Led to a decline in oil prices . in general , The global economic slowdown has adversely affected the prospects of the crude oil market , And the supply outlook is also bad for the oil market , International oil prices therefore began to fall .

The national development and Reform Commission stressed that PetroChina 、 sinopec 、 CNOOC's three major companies should organize the production and transportation of refined oil , Ensure stable market supply , Strictly implement the national price policy . Local relevant departments should strengthen market supervision and inspection , Strictly investigate and deal with acts that do not implement the national price policy , Maintain normal market order . Consumers can go through 12315 Platform to report price violations .

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