The car hasn't been built yet. We have to build robots. What the hell is Tesla doing?

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car hasn built yet. build

Tesla as the leader of the auto industry “ Top current ”, Every move will attract countless people's attention , It's just 8 month 20 Japan 9 when , Tesla did another big thing , It shows the world that Tesla is AI The latest achievements in the field , Among them, humanoid robots Tesla Bot Most eye-catching , In this issue, we'll talk about Tesla's humanoid robot Tesla Bot.

Actually , Musk has been insisting “ Robots will be the direction of human evolution ”, Therefore, it is expected that Tesla will build robots , In Musk's view , Who can master AI technology , Can control the power of the world economy , Obviously, humanoid robots are AI The best carrier of Technology , But now Tesla car scandal is haunting , In particular, its automatic driving assistance system is often criticized , And in this context , But it released a humanoid robot Tesla Bot, It's really ironic .

But according to Tesla's previous tone , New products often take longer than expected from release to landing , The humanoid robot released this time Tesla Bot Far less promising than cars , On the one hand, its cost is more expensive , On the other hand, its usage scenario is relatively limited , So humanoid robots Tesla Bot Although the appearance of is amazing , But it's probably just a joke , There was no mold at the press conference , Directly put on the leather case and start to demonstrate various functions , It's really magical , You know, Boston power, the world's most advanced robot company, is not much favored by the capital market , Has been sold several times , so AI The development of robots still has a long way to go .

This humanoid robot Tesla Bot The release of is just another of Tesla's “ Gimmick ”, We should be familiar with Tesla's radical propaganda routine , Why not boast that stock prices can take off ?

For Tesla's humanoid robot Tesla Bot What do you think ? Feel free to leave a comment in the comments section .

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