In the inventory of small car sales in July, Polo plus and fit performed well

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inventory small car sales july

With the rapid development of China's automobile market , The consumption upgrading of the automobile market has led to the increasing depression of the small car market , But in this context, Honda Fit 、 The public Polo Plus、 Toyota YARiS L Zhixuan still achieved good results , Let's talk about 7 Sales ranking of small car market in January .

The public Polo Plus

The public Polo Plus With 8729 The sales of cars have achieved 7 The sales volume champion in the small car market in January , The public Polo Plus carrying 1.5L Naturally aspirated engine , Maximum power up to 83kW, Peak torque is 145N·m. Once the king of the small car market , Now the public Polo Plus The relative decline in product power , But the texture and handling are still commendable .

Honda fit

As a public Polo Plus The enemy of , Honda fit 8552 The sales volume of cars ranks second , But in terms of product power , Honda fit can be said to be a unique ride . The fourth generation fit (GR9) Equipped with earth dream technology 1.5L Direct spray DOHC i-VTEC The engine , Maximum power 96kW, Maximum torque 155N·m, The fuel consumption under the lowest comprehensive working condition is only 5.2L, And fully comply with the National 6 Emission standards , Both environmental performance and super power performance , It has great modification potential .

Toyota YARiS L Dazzle

Toyota YARiS L Zhi Xuanyi 5282 Car sales performance ranked third , Even in small cars with personality , Toyota still carries out its own car building concept , durable 、 The golden mean is most people's direct impression of Toyota , And Toyota YARiS L Zhixuan is obviously a qualified Toyota . Toyota YARiS L Zhixuan is equipped with 1.5L Four cylinder naturally aspirated engine , Maximum horsepower 112Ps, Peak torque 139N·m, matching CVT Stepless gearbox ( simulation 8 block ).

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