The price of the new Mercedes Benz AMG g63 soared by 229200 yuan, and the IQ tax is invincible!

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price new mercedes benz amg

Amazing design , Strong performance and aggressive driving experience , Let's run G level AMG Loved by car fanatics . However, few people will take Mercedes Benz G level AMG Off road driving , Its figure often appears in the steel jungle of the city , After all, the price is too expensive , Car owners are often reluctant to use it in the right place .

In the near future , New Benz AMG-G 63 Officially listed , The new car has a configuration , The guide price is 245.98 Ten thousand yuan . Compared with the old models , The price level has improved 22.92 Ten thousand yuan , The interior and exterior design of the new car has not changed , Just adjust the configuration , So what improvements in configuration have made the car 20 The price increase of more than 10000 yuan ? Let's take a look at .


2021 The overall appearance design of this model is completely consistent with that of the old model , The new car has inherited the founder's shape , This set of exterior design has been handed down to this day G The most charming place in class . The front face of the new car adopts a circular LED Daytime running light , The design is more exquisite and improves the sense of science and technology of the whole vehicle . The air inlet design at the bottom of the front face of the new car is also different from that of the ordinary version , The combination and arrangement of multiple elements , Effectively improve the gas field of the whole vehicle .

Body size ,2021 The specific length, width and height of this model are 4870×1984×1980 mm, The wheelbase is 2890mm, Due to changes in body exterior kits , In terms of body length and body height 2020 This model has improved . The new car has been added to the underbody 22 " AMG Cross spoke forged rim , The all black design and the red brake calipers inside look very breathable .

Mercedes AMG-G 63 The interior design is completely consistent with the ordinary model , External spare wheel and side opening tailgate , Highlights its hardline temperament . It is worth noting that , The exhaust of this model adopts a bilateral four outlet layout , But the exhaust does not appear in the rear part , It is located in the lower half of the rear door on the vehicle side , It's very recognizable .

Interior design

Mercedes AMG-G 63 The interior layout of the car is also similar to that of ordinary G Level consistent , But the delicate treatment of details highlights a certain sense of movement . Today, Mercedes Benz's double 12.3 The inch one-piece screen still has a strong smell of science and Technology , And it is not inconsistent to appear on the center console of various models , It can be used in elegant S level , It can also be used in hardline G level . The three width multifunctional steering wheel directly in front of the main driver of the new car adopts a flat bottom shape , Perforated leather on both sides , Details with red stitching and AMG exclusive LOGO, If you only look at the steering wheel, it will be believed that it is a sports car .

The interior seats of new cars are wrapped in leather fabric , In terms of function, it provides four-way adjustment of lumbar support of main and co driver's seats / High and low four-way adjustment / Leg rest adjustment , Electric adjustment of driver's seat and passenger's seat , Front seat heating / ventilation , Front seat, electric memory, etc . The front of this model is equipped with sports seats , While the shape is handsome, the internal filler is soft , It has good wrapping and support .

The rear seats of the new car remain at the same level as the front seats in terms of material application and workmanship , The rear seat backrest has a large inclination angle , Ge you can lie down , And the rear seats are equipped with heating / Ventilation and other functions , The comfort experience is no worse than that of the front row .

dynamic system

2021 The power of this model is still equipped with 4.0T V8 engine , Its maximum output power is 585 horsepower , Peak torque is 850 Cattle meters . Transmission system , And V8 The engine matches 9 Speed manual self - contained gearbox , At the same time, the car is also equipped with a full-time 4WD system .

Model configuration and purchase suggestions

2021 With Mercedes Benz AMG-G 63 Some adjustments have been made in the configuration , One of the most obvious is the replacement of 22 " AMG Cross spoke forged rim , At the same time, the new car provides AMG Night pack Deluxe and AMG Options for the matte version of the night pack , For bumper , The rim and other parts shall be blackened , The optional prices are 7.5 and 6.4 ten thousand . New Benz AMG-G 63 The guide price is 245.80 Ten thousand yuan , Next, we will compare the new car with the old one in detail , See which one is more cost-effective .

2020 paragraph AMG-G 63

Recommend index :**

Configure comments : The configuration performance is comprehensive enough , Slightly more cost-effective

Guide price 222.88 Ten thousand yuan , The configuration provides front and rear head airbags in terms of function , Lane departure warning , Lane Keeping Assist , Take the initiative to brake , Fatigue driving reminder , Forward and aft parking radar ,360 Degree panoramic image , Full speed adaptive cruise , Driving mode switch , Suspension soft and hard adjustment , Front and rear axle differential lock , Center differential locking , Power sunroof , Keyless start , Side fixed pedal , double 12.3 In screen , The first 2 Row seat back adjustment , Satellite navigation , Bluetooth car phone , Mobile Internet mapping , Voice recognition control , Car networking , Geometric multi beam light , In vehicle 64 Light color atmosphere , The automatic air conditioning . Independent air conditioning in the back row , Temperature zoning control, etc . The functional configuration is comprehensive enough , High cost performance .

2021 paragraph AMG-G 63

Recommend index :*

Configure comments : Limited improvement , The price is too high

Guide price 245.80 Ten thousand yuan , In terms of function, only the rear side airbag is added , And the rim size is increased to 22 Inch , Tire sizes also increase , In addition, there is no improvement , But the price of this upgrade is increased 22.92 Ten thousand yuan , The price increase is too exaggerated .

Car uncle summary

in general , Mercedes AMG-G 63 After the change in the s, the price rose 20 More than ten thousand yuan , The increase is slightly exaggerated , however 2021 With Mercedes Benz AMG-G 63 The configuration performance is similar to 2020 The shadow Wing Special Edition is the same , The price of shadow Wing Special Edition is 245.88 Ten thousand yuan , It's not much worse . However, this upgrade is slightly forced , Consumers could have chosen , This time I don't even have a choice . From the car uncle's point of view , If for G I really like grade , Just choose the normal version ,AMG The price of is really too high , For Mercedes Benz AMG-G 63 Such a ratio G Class scum man, we'd better stay away .

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