Test drive the new Golf GTI: make "older teenagers" young forever

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test drive new golf gti

For the Chinese car market , suffer “ The black swan ” Affected 2020 Destined to be an extraordinary year , Fortunately, the epidemic situation was effectively controlled in the second half of the year , Many heavy new cars have appeared . For automotive media workers ,2020 In the second half of the year, new cars piled up , I also attended many press conferences , The most impressive thing is 11 month 7 The launch of new digital golf . use B In terms of popular words , This press conference can be described as “ Double kitchen ecstasy ”, It contains two things the author likes . One must be the protagonist of this press conference , be based on MQB Evo New digital golf ; The other is the band I like very much , That's the hedgehog band .

After the price is announced , The hedgehog band sang their masterpiece 《 train 》, In the lyrics “ A generation will grow old , But there are always people who are young ” Like golf , Every generation shows enthusiasm . The core of the hedgehog band is Emo, Move the audience with emotion ; The core of golf GTI The car is also like a hedgehog , It can mobilize the adrenaline of consumers with performance . Nearly a year later , New golf GTI At last , Even if you are “ Older teenagers ”, It can also make you young . Follow on GTI Classic elements

New golf GTI Like all previous models , Equipped with a large number of sports kits , To show the radical visual effect of the whole vehicle . Its body height is lower than that of ordinary golf 8 mm , More low lying posture , More aggressive .

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