The speed limit is 120, and you won't overspeed at 130? That's what the old driver said

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speed limit won overspeed old

Start with your own transportation , People have never stopped pursuing speed , It used to be a Qianlima , Now it's a supercar . Although the speed of cars is getting higher and higher now , The acceleration of 100 kilometers is getting faster and faster , But for 99% In the case of , Car performance is surplus .

Why? ? Because except that there is no speed limit on German highways , Other countries have speed limits , China's top speed limit 120km/h, Japan has only 100km/h. So , On the highway in China , Whether you drive tens of thousands of dollars GK5, Or tens of millions of Bugatti Veyrons , You can only run 120km/h. Is it better to think like this ?

Now that we're talking about speed limits , Some old drivers must have experience to teach again : See the speed limit on the highway 120km/h, In fact, when driving to the car dashboard, it shows 130km/h, You won't be photographed speeding !

So is there any basis for this statement ? Xiaobian checked the national standards 《 Speedometer for cars 》(GB15082-2008), It is specified above that the indicated speed of the speedometer shall not be lower than the actual speed , The relationship between the indicated vehicle speed and the actual vehicle speed shall conform to the following formula :

“0≤ Indicated speed - Actual speed ≤ Actual speed /10+4km/h”

What do you mean by that? ? It means , If your actual speed is 100km/h, Then the speed displayed on the instrument panel should be 100-114km/h Between .

According to it , What the old driver said is reasonable ? It's not , Because this is an interval value , Each manufacturer 、 Each specific model , Will only float in this range , The specific floating amount is not necessarily .

Inertial thinking thinks that the display speed of the instrument is faster than the actual speed 10km, It's not true . The speed limit 120km/h The old driver must not rush to 130km/h. Because if some manufacturers only fast 2、3km, that …… Wait for the ticket !

Does all cars conform to the above formula ? Of course not. , If you change the tire size , That's another matter . Illustrate with examples , If your original flat ratio is 35, But you later changed to 45, I'm sorry , The speed displayed on the instrument must be greater than the actual speed . Besides , If you keep the flat ratio constant , Increase the rim size , The effect is the same .

Because the meter shows the speed = The outer circumference of the tire X Number of rounds , Tire thickening 、 The hub gets bigger , This means that the outer circumference of the tire becomes larger , The speed displayed on the instrument cluster will be greater than the actual vehicle speed .

conversely , If your tire circumference gets smaller , Then the instrument display speed will be much lower than the actual speed .

Actually , Speeding usually happens on strange roads , If you are not familiar with the road conditions , Xiaobian still suggests to look at the road signs honestly .

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