The interior upholstery is upgraded and the sense of science and technology is greatly increased. The appearance is retro, equipped with LED headlights, 4.0t eight cylinder + three locks, domineering

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interior upholstery upgraded sense science

For hardline SUVs , Whether it's the latest Toyota Rand cooluze , Or the latest Land Rover Defender , And the plug-in hybrid Jeep Wrangler , It can be said that they have become quite attractive . And the Mercedes Benz I want to share with you today G Levels of suvs , Not only has the classic three lock structure , But also equipped with a powerful 8 cylinder 4.0T Engine as power . The interior upholstery has been upgraded and the sense of science and technology has greatly increased , Retro look with LED headlight ,4.0T Eight cylinders + Three locks , The forward

From the power of the vehicle , The car will be equipped with the classic 8 Two cylinder twin turbocharging ,4.0T The engine , The biggest feature of this engine is its excellent low-speed torque output , And the maximum output torque can reach 850 Cattle meters . At the same time, his maximum output power can reach 430 kw , Equipped with classic 9 The 100 speed automatic transmission, a new high-performance hard off-road vehicle, has a zero hundred acceleration time , It just needs 4.5 second .

Compared with the power system , In terms of appearance, the car continues to adopt the retro classic appearance , At the same time, the latest metal black body paint is adopted , Make the whole vehicle look more textured , And the classic straight waterfall air inlet grille and retro lamp group , And the latest straight body shape and body waist line , And red brake calipers and 22 Inch aluminum alloy wheel hub , Let this car show enough performance , At the same time, the car still retains the plug-in spare tire design at the rear .

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