Two German cars, one American car, one domestic car and one British car interior. Who do you think won

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For drivers , What's the most important ? Some people say it's manipulation , Some say it's power , Others say interior design and configuration . Compared with appearance , Drivers are exposed to... For a long time every day , Interior design is not up to standard , The car experience is definitely discounted . The styles of different car lines and different car companies are also obviously different , Let's have a look today , Two German , A beautiful department 、 Compared with a domestic car and an English car , Which design is more eye-catching ?

ashkenazi :



The representatives sent by the German department are Porsche and Mercedes Benz . Today we choose one of the best-selling models of Porsche brand in China , Cayenne . Porsche as a first tier luxury brand , The overall style tends to be sporty , Different from the round and plump appearance design , The interior style of Cayenne is relatively tough , The line of the center console is straight , Full LCD instrument panel and large central control display increase a sense of science and Technology , The traditional physical buttons of Porsche are also replaced by touch screen , Better visual effects , The sense of luxury is not outstanding , But for models designed by Germans known for their rigor , It's not that hard to accept .



Mercedes Benz's interior is well-known both inside and outside the industry , Create a luxurious atmosphere , and S As a flagship product , This point is interpreted incisively and vividly , You can see romantic elegance in this car , You can also see the beauty of design and the sense of Technology , And the rigorous workmanship and attitude reflected in the details , The interior design changes of the new generation of models are very obvious , The shape of the air outlet of the air conditioner has been adjusted , The large central control display is particularly eye-catching , Piano baking paint panel and large area leather package , Full of sense of quality . For Germans who are known for their preciseness , Mercedes Benz is a rare romantic tenderness and luxury .

U.S. : Lincoln


The influence of American cars in the domestic car market has declined sharply in the past two years , From family cars to luxury brands, it can be said that the whole line has collapsed , Can only rely on price cuts to maintain heat and sales . Change is imperative , Lincoln is the first to break through his own brand , Adventurers and other domestic models appeared , It really changed people's impression of American cars , Today is about Lincoln's Aviator .

Positioning medium and large scale SUV, The interior of the aviator is actually different from the traditional American car style , The interior design of American cars used to be rough , Don't pay much attention to details and space , More embracing sports wind . The pilot corrected this , The shape of the center console is more straight , Simple and generous lines , Leather Wrap 、 Metal wire drawing panel embellishment , The detailed design of knob and button is also very good , The overall sense of grade has been greatly improved , It can be said to subvert the traditional impression of American cars , There are no small improvements .

domestic : The red flag H9


Domestic cars send red flags H9, The red flag H9 The design is very interesting , Not just in appearance , And the interior . The red flag H9 It can be said that the interior upholstery is definitely not inferior to the models of the same level , Even Mercedes Benz and BMW , The line of the center console is simple, but through the use of a variety of materials , Rich sense of hierarchy . The materials are exquisite , Dual LCD display has a full sense of science and technology , While taking into account the sense of science and technology and beauty , There is also a sense of grade and unique Chinese style elements , The Red Flag brand logo is also integrated into various small details , The front passenger panel is also carefully designed , embedded LED When the ambient light is lit at night , It can better set off the sense of grade and also play the effect of decoration .

British car : Land rover star pulse


Some people say Land Rover is an Indian car , It is indeed controlled by India's Tata Group , But in terms of vehicle classification , It's actually an English car . The Land Rover brand design is very recognizable , Not just the look , The interior is the same . The center console is straight and square , Strong lines echo the appearance , But simplicity does not mean simplicity and monotony , Large area leather package , Three large screens add a sense of grade and Technology , The design of light color interior trim and knob shift have played a very important role in improving the visual effect .

These are five cars from four car families , Interior competition , Who do you think won ?

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