Bentley's accident car was parked at the 4S store for 22 days without maintenance, and was asked for 160000 parking fees

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bentley accident car parked 4s


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8 month 24 Japan , a # Bentley stop 4S shop 22 God is asked 16 Ten thousand parking fee # On the hot search , What's going on ?


7 month 23 Japan , To live in Beijing Mr. Li came to Hangzhou on business , He drives a second-hand Bentley moushan bought by his boss , Unfortunately, I encountered a traffic accident on the road —— Accidentally drove the car into the river , Driven by The Bentley was badly damaged , The car was towed to a Bentley in Hangzhou 4S The shop is ready to repair . He returned to Beijing to deal with affairs , After going back, I didn't wait for the other party's phone , So he asked his friends in Hangzhou to take it away , I didn't expect the other party to charge 16 Ten thousand yuan “ Station occupancy fee ”, Otherwise, the car will not be released .




8 month 14 Japan , Mr. Li, who learned about it, rushed from Beijing to Hangzhou ,4S The shop staff told Mr. Li that the car had stopped 22 God , An hour according to 936 Meta computation , Pay a total of 16 Ten thousand yuan , Otherwise, Mr. Li will not be allowed to pick up the car . Even if Mr. Li's car is not repaired , Vehicle parking occupies the station , It should also be in accordance with 8 Charge according to the hourly rate .


Mr. Li said ,4S The store opens 16 A station occupancy fee of 10000 yuan , The charging standard is 936 element / Hours , A day totals 8 Hours , Mr. Li's car has been parked 22 God , total 16.4736 Ten thousand yuan !

After communication and negotiation , Mr. Li succeeded in bargaining to 2 Ten thousand yuan , On 8 month 18 Daily settlement of fees and towing of vehicles .

4S The store responded :2 Ten thousand is a service fee ?

The reporter and Mr. Li came to Hangzhou Bentley 4S shop , An after-sales manager said , As a regular customer of Bentley, I should know the charging standard very well , And Mr. Li's 2014 Bentley mousse has been discontinued , If you need to quote, you need to search the relevant information manually , also 4S It also takes a long time for the store to contact the insurance company .

bentley 4S The store needs to charge for all the above labor costs , At that time, Mr. Li was told to collect 16 Ten thousand yuan , It's not just the cost of occupying the station , It also includes some labor costs .

 picture  picture

And in the end 2 What is the settlement of 10000 yuan ?

Hangzhou Tongxie Binjie 4S After sales manager Pan said , What they charge is actually " Service charge ", The main content of the service is to help customers communicate with insurance companies about loss determination !

however , Mr. Li showed the media 4S The receipt from the store , The charging items are shown as “ Man hour fee ”.

5 Minutes of work :2 Ten thousand yuan .

This is obviously related to 4S The after sales manager of the store said “ Service charge ” atypism .



The lawyer : The loss of occupation shall be reasonable and legal

Parking 22 God , No maintenance service provided , You have to charge 2 Ten thousand dollars , It's really fair 、 Is it legal ?

The lawyer said : Mr. Li had planned to deliver the vehicle to Bentley 4S Shop maintenance , But it was not actually repaired afterwards . so 4S The store can claim compensation for the actual loss from the customer , However, the loss shall actually occur and must be reasonable .

From now on 4S In terms of the content advocated by the store , One of its propositions is the cost of communication with insurance companies , The second is the so-called station occupation loss . For the former, I think from the perspective of customer service , Negligible ; If the latter does have station occupation loss , We should not use 22 Day count , because 4S The store can completely move the vehicle elsewhere , At most, it advocates a point of moving expenses . And for the occupation loss of a reasonable period of time parked at the station based on trusting customers , It should also be reasonable and legal ,4S The store has the burden of proof for the specific amount . Therefore, if you can't prove it , Obviously 2 Ten thousand yuan is too high .

That's why you don't buy Bentley


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