Enjoy life department store offline experience space Binzhi creates a better life with young people

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enjoy life department store offline

Easy car - In order to let more consumers deeply experience Binzhi (VEZEL) Bring high quality and enjoy life ,8 month 15 solstice 24 Japan , GAC Honda has created an offline experience space for fine life department stores in Guangzhou , By combining high-value practical equipment with various fashion items , Let consumers deeply experience diversified and refined life scenes , Release your wisdom (VEZEL)Smart&Stylish Unique charm .

Upgrade the immersive experience , Interpret the concept of enjoying life

A new generation of urban young people before making purchase decisions , Will carefully select the products , Look forward to creating an exquisite and enjoyable life with the most reasonable budget . Keen insight into young people's new values , Bean wisdom (VEZEL)2020 In, United Netease strictly selected , In Guangzhou 、 Shanghai and other places carry out fine life design exhibition , By showing a variety of life forms , Let more young people realize “Smart&Stylish Life” Enjoy the concept of life .

After the formation of basic cognition , Young people want to get a sense of product experience . In order to let more consumers deeply experience the infinite charm of enjoying life , Bean wisdom (VEZEL) This year “ sense · touch Enjoy life ” As a marketing theme , On 6 Since June, United Netease has been strictly selected in Shanghai 、 Hangzhou and other places have built strictly selected brand stores . Enjoy the offline experience space of life department store , Choose a fashion landmark in Guangzhou ——K11 The shopping Art Center held , By setting CITY WALK District 、 Picnic bar area 、 Three scenes of light travel and B & B area , Combined with customized game interaction , Provide consumers with in-depth life experience , Attract many young trendsetters to punch in .

Enjoy the offline experience space of life department store

Get into CITY WALK District , You can see the colorful wisdom displayed on the wall (VEZEL) Fashion photo and all kinds of strict selection items , The district also set up a collection of fashion equipment in the context of the city “ City Parkour ” Interactive games , Let consumers feel richer 、 More possible urban travel life . Come to the picnic bar , Bean wisdom (VEZEL) The trunk can be incarnated “ Treasure chest ”, Install all kinds of tools , Meet the needs of weekend picnic travel . And in the light travel B & B area , At first glance, it is the simple style of northern Europe , Supplemented by decorative objects with a sense of design , Create a comfortable and pleasant living atmosphere .

CITY WALK District

Picnic bar area

Light travel B & B area

Create different styles of car life together with many strictly selected items , Bean wisdom (VEZEL) Not only does it visualize the product value it brings , Let consumers experience the infinite charm of enjoying life , Let more people realize that Binzhi (VEZEL) It is the first choice to open the entry of urban fashion life .

Stimulate multiple and enjoy value , Enable ideal urban life

Enjoy the realization of life , It needs the support of enjoying high value . Bean wisdom (VEZEL) Build with high global standards , Equipped with many advanced configurations , Provide consumers with more personalized car purchase schemes .

Delicacy and enjoyment , Is the first step to enjoy life . Bean wisdom (VEZEL) Have an attack SPORT Style surrounds 、 Feathered LED headlamps 、 Fiber optic LED Combination tail light , The overall appearance is exquisite and stylish . It's all standard 17 Inch dynamic rim , Make the texture of the whole vehicle more vivid and prominent . stay MM Under the concept , Bean wisdom (VEZEL) Create a super large space at the same level , The rear magic seats are made of 4/6 Split design , The backrest angle is not only 2 Level adjustable , The space can also be adjusted freely according to the number of luggage items , Make travel an enjoyment .

Exquisite and stylish appearance

Awaken more possibilities to enjoy life , Can not do without surging power blessing . Bean wisdom (VEZEL) carrying 1.5L i-VTEC and 220 TURBO Two power systems , collocation CVT Stepless transmission , It can achieve an efficient balance between strong power and economy . among 220 TURBO The maximum power of the power system can reach 130kW, The maximum torque is 220N·m, The acceleration of 100 kilometers is broken 9 second (≤8.9s), A burst of “ app ” Like power , Accelerate more easily .

220 TURBO dynamic system

Besides , Bean wisdom (VEZEL) It is also equipped with many practical intelligent equipment , Make your life more colorful . For example, it carries Honda SENSING( A sense of security ) Intelligent driving assistance system 、Honda CONNECT( Smart Guide Internet ) System 、 Engine energy-saving automatic start stop system and other scientific and technological configuration , And the standard configuration has achieved CN95 The certification PM2.5 Air conditioning filter .1.5L CVT All versions are equipped with panoramic skylight , It can achieve the maximum daylighting area at the same level , Improve the sense of vision space .

Luxury panoramic skylight

Global quality strength , Trigger user value recognition

As Honda The first global Mini SUV, At the beginning of its birth, Binzhi series models set their eyes on the global market , Strive to export globally unified high-quality products . Listed in Japan so far 8 Years of time , Binzhi series models are selling well 130 A country , The cumulative global sales exceed 450 Thousands of cars , Equal to the average 51 Seconds will be available. 1 A car owner of Binzhi series was born , Strength leads the world .

since 2014 From the year onwards , GAC Honda Binzhi (VEZEL) Bring the quality of globalization into the domestic market , Bring an eye-catching and trendy appearance 、 Friendly and practical interior 、 The power of ease , Achieve the perfect combination of fashion and practicality , In the third month after listing, the hot sales exceeded 10000 , Successfully seize the high-level market C position . Enter the Chinese market 7 Over the years , Bean wisdom (VEZEL) Always listen to consumers , While ensuring the high quality of Globalization , Bring diversified and rich high value , Try to meet the needs of consumers .

Bean wisdom (VEZEL) Every marketing , It also fits the personality preferences of young ethnic groups , Achieve deep communication with them .2014 year , Bean wisdom (VEZEL) Initiate “ Pioneer art marketing ”, It aims to encourage and train the young generation of pioneer artists in China ;2019 Carried out in “ Industry marketing ”, And “ Full of personality 、 Love avant-garde and cutting-edge ” Resonate with people in the industry .2020 From the year onwards , Bean wisdom (VEZEL) Upgrade marketing practices , Put forward “ Enjoy life Marketing ” strategic , Go deep into the lives of young people , With more innovative immersive experience , Bring a figurative enjoyment 、 Experience .

2020 Nian Bingzhi (VEZEL) Enjoy life design exhibition

With the support of global quality and accurate marketing , Bean wisdom (VEZEL) Gain more and more young consumers' value recognition ,2021 year 1-7 The cumulative monthly sales reached 98,923 car , Year-on-year growth 34.4%, Up to now, it has been listed in China with a total circle of powder of nearly 100 ten thousand . With excellent quality , Bean wisdom (VEZEL) Also recognized by the industry , stay 《2020 China's auto hedging rate list 》 in , Capture small SUV Of the hedging rate list No.2.

all the time , Bean wisdom (VEZEL) Adhere to the global quality of continuous innovation and evolution , Make travel and life more valuable ; With diversified and innovative marketing methods , Resonate with consumers on the same frequency . Bean wisdom (VEZEL) Hope to join hands with more young groups , Explore more possibilities to enjoy life together , Accompany them to pursue their dreams 、 Interpret a dream .

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