GAC motor second generation gs8 technology tasting

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gac motor second generation gs8

The second generation of GAC motor just now GS8 Technical appreciation will learn , Second generation GS8 yes GPMA-L The first high-end platform SUV. Yes 2.0TGDI+ The third generation of Ericsson 8AT Gearbox and 2.0TM+ Toyota fourth generation THS There are two options for the hybrid system , Available in 2WD and 4WD .2.0TGDI Maximum engine power 184Kw, Maximum torque 400N·m.2.0TM Maximum engine power 140Kw, Maximum torque 320N·m, Hybrid transmission motor peak power 134Kw, Peak torque 270N·m,0-100km/h Speed up 6.9s. The battery of the hybrid model uses the same nickel hydrogen battery of Toyota . Use Juxing chassis , The main feature is toughness 、 along 、 steady .3 A power steering mode 、5 Adjustable throttle sensitivity , Michelin PS4 tire , Also equipped with shadow drivers AVDC System , The braking distance is as low as 36.3m. It seems that we are going to be hard with hannanda , You think the second generation GAC motor GS8 how ?

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