The official map of the ultimate version of Range Rover Sport SVR is released, with a stronger sense of grade and still V8 engine

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official map ultimate version range

In recent days, , Land Rover has officially released its Range Rover Sport SVR Official map of the ultimate model , Compared to Range Rover Sport SVR, The new car has been upgraded in terms of appearance and interior decoration . The specific term , The new car adopts a special paint color , One is “ Mar grey ”, The other is “ Maya blue ”, And both paints are matched with two-color body design , This contrast effect makes the visual effect of the new car very sporty .

Come to the side of the car , A straight waistline runs through the body , Match again 22 " “Y” Double five spoke forged wheel rim and Black Multi piston brake caliper , It shows the momentum that a new car should have . There are not many changes in the rear of the car , It's just that the tail light has become a blackened design , To add a sense of refinement .

Compared to appearance , The interior of the new car is not much different from the current model . Details , After opening the door , It can be noted that B On the column “SV Bespoke” Chrome plated mark , The existence of this design shows the difference between it and the ordinary model . in addition ,SVR The ultimate version also features chrome plated pedals , And the shift paddle behind the steering wheel is decorated with black anodized metal . Besides , The seats of the new car are also printed with SVR sign , It can be seen that the details are in place .

Dynamic part , The new car is still equipped with one 5.0 L supercharge V8 The engine , The most powerful 575 horsepower , Peak torque 700 cattle · rice , matching 8 Speed manual automatic transmission and full-time four-wheel drive system . As for the acceleration we are concerned about , The acceleration time of the new car is only 4.5 second .

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