Sexy and handsome in one. Is the new defender 90 real car your dish?

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sexy handsome one. new defender

lately , Some media have learned of a new set of Defender of land 90 Real car picture , Bright black body coating is adopted , Full of black Samurai wind , I don't know how much you know about this car , Let's have a look .

aesthetic , The hood extends downward , Lower the visual center of gravity of the front face , Its front face will also use family headlamp design , Noble Retro . But the original small trapezoidal horizontal grid , But it was replaced by the design of large-scale and wide without obvious grid , Hazy image aesthetics leaps above it .

The body side , There are few lines in the new car , But the light and shadow effect is very prominent , Waistless design 、 Slightly protruding wheel eyebrows and side skirts , Create a concave convex visual effect , The whole looks more handsome and fierce , Side window design through the side , The indoor light transmittance is better improved .

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