The mass production version of Es33 of R automobile will appear at Chengdu auto show or be equipped with single / dual motors

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mass production version es33 es

recently , The road passenger car learned from the official , R automobile ES33 The mass production version will appear at Chengdu auto show . according to the understanding of , The new car is positioned as medium and large SUV.

appearance , From the concept car , The front air inlet grille of the new car adopts a closed design , Match with a through style with triangles on both sides LED Headlights , The overall personality is full , Full of a sense of the future . Sliding back design is adopted on the side of the body , Equipped with electronic rearview mirror , A new hub is provided below , Full of fashion . The rear of the car adopts the design of through tail lamp group , Echo with the headlamp group , Above or equipped with high-level stop lamp , The overall sense of hierarchy is full . Configuration , New cars will carry 33 A high performance sensing hardware , Including lidar 、 Visual camera 、 High precision map 、4D imaging radar 、 Ultrasonic radar and other functions . Power on , The new car is expected to be equipped with single motor and double motor , Equipped with a capacity of 77kWh and 90kWh Three yuan lithium battery .

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