It is revealed that the new G90 hypothetical picture of Genesys is expected to be unveiled in 2021

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revealed new g90 hypothetical picture

In recent days, , Car selection Lori learned from relevant channels that a group of new denises G90 Imagine a picture . It is reported that , The appearance and interior of the new car will have a new design , And hopefully 2021 Appear in the year .

aesthetic , The new car retains the family design style , Shield type air inlet grille is matched with the popular split headlamp design on both sides , Very recognizable . The strong body lines are matched with the design of multiple rims , Luxurious and full-bodied . The back of the car , The new car does not adopt the split tail lamp design , Instead, it adopts the current popular through tail lamp design .

interiors , According to the spy photos exposed before , The new car will adopt a double width multifunctional steering wheel design , Although the spy photos don't look very clear , But we speculate that the new steering wheel will have a touch operation design . motivation , The new car is expected to continue the trend of cash models 3.3T V6 The engine , And will provide in the future 5.0L V8 The engine . Transmission in , Expected to match 8 Automatic gearbox . Besides , New cars may or will be launched in the future PHEV And pure electric vehicles . We will continue to pay attention to more new car information .

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