Design from the future? Cadillac lyriq is coming

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design future cadillac lyriq coming

When it comes to American luxury cars , Most of the solidified images in the brain are big sofa seats , Heavy materials , Atmospheric and strong appearance design, etc , Today, with the gradual electrification , American car manufacturers are gradually becoming more sophisticated in design , In response to new consumer demand .LYRIQ Cadillac is the new electric model unveiled at the previous Shanghai Auto Show , The car is based on the third generation of GM BEV3 Platform to build , With its extremely sci-fi appearance design and interior design that subverts the cash family design, the car has won a high degree of attention .

aesthetic , The design of the front face is bold and avant-garde , Radial is added inside the huge closed grid LED Lamp with , Match to light up the crest LOGO And the tearful eye headlamp design of Cadillac logo , The visual effect is very sci-fi and shocking .

LYRIQ It is positioned as a luxury medium-sized pure electric vehicle SUV, Its design on the side of the body has the style of a crossover car , The body height is low , Match with the tail box shape with sliding back to create a sports atmosphere , The waistline from beginning to end is very strong , Visually elongated the body .22 Inch chrome wheel rim is very American luxury “ Inside taste ”, The square and strong body lines echo with the front lights , It's like a car from the future in the movie .

Among the many products of cash Cadillac , The interior design has been criticized , The old-fashioned design and color matching have discouraged some young consumers . And Cadillac LYRIQ It adopts a new family interior design language ,33 Inch surface OLED The display screen has brought a strong visual impact , Greatly improve the scientific and technological atmosphere in the car , And the screen is integrated with the dashboard 、 Entertainment information 、 Navigation 、 Light control 、 Air conditioning control and Super Cruise Driving assistance system and other functions , And the screen supports billion color display and HUD The head up display is very outstanding . motivation , Cadillac LYRIQ Single motor rear wheel drive mode is adopted , The most powerful 255 kw , Peak torque 440 cattle · rice , The endurance is up to 483 km . The car will be on 2022 In, it was officially mass produced in China , Renminbi conversion 39 The selling price is about ten thousand yuan , After listing, it will be directly to Tesla Model Y He Weilai ES6 and EC6 Pose a direct threat .

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