There is no discount at present. It starts at 330800 yuan. Is navigator tougher than BMW X3?

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discount present. present starts yuan.

A car dealer in Foshan recently announced the preferential market of navigator in this area : At present, there is no discount for navigator to buy a car ,33.08 From ten thousand yuan , The specific selling price information is shown in the figure below :

Review the basic situation of the navigator . aesthetic , The new car basically continues the design of overseas models , The front face is a large air inlet grille , The internal network is composed of dot matrix chrome plating , Have a larger Lincoln logo , Strong visual impact . On both sides are sharp headlights and obviously raised hood ribs . The body side , The concave convex of the whole body is obvious , Whether it's point break Waist Stretch , Or just the right concave in the middle , All bring a good appearance foundation to this car . The tail shape is very round , The through tail lamp group has a good display effect when it is lit at night . The sign of Chang'an Lincoln on the left side of the tail indicates its domestic identity . Sit in the car , It can be found that domestic navigators have made a wide range of adjustments in the interior , Full of sense of technology . The specific performance lies in the central control , Standard configuration 12.3 Inch full LCD dashboard and 12.8 Inch central control suspension screen , The impression is very avant-garde . The car also uses Lincoln's latest push-button electronic gear handle , Integrated in the lower part of the central control screen , Shifting is more ceremonial . motivation , There are two types of power assemblies , First, it is equipped with domestic 2.0T Four cylinder engine , Maximum horsepower 245 horse , And carrying import 2.7T Six cylinder engine , Maximum horsepower 322 horse , All models match 8AT transmission , And provide 4WD version . configuration , All standard 8 airbag + Knee airbag , Tire pressure display , The entry-level version and sub low configuration are not equipped with active and passive configuration system , The remaining models are equipped with parallel assistance 、 Active braking, lane departure warning, lane keeping assistance and fatigue driving system , Better security performance . The panoramic skylight can be opened as standard in the whole system , There are keyless start and entry functions , There are also active closed air inlet grille and remote start function ,12.3 Inch full LCD dashboard with wireless charging , Active noise reduction function , With seat heating and second row seat back adjustment , also 12.8 Inch LCD central control screen and car networking function , All standard LED Lamp source , It also has multi-layer sound insulation glass and rear side privacy glass , Rich configuration and obvious comfort .

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