Father's love is like a mountain! Chen Kun and his son had dinner with Shu Qi and his wife. After that, Chen Kun went home with his drunken son

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father love mountain chen kun

Father loves like a mountain ! Chen Kun and his son have dinner with Shu Qi and his wife , After that, Chen Kun carried his drunken son home

Speaking of Chen Kun, I believe everyone is no stranger , His popularity in the circle is still very high , Since his debut, he has also acted in many excellent works , I'm sure you all know that , Chen Kun has a son , He didn't inherit his father's handsome appearance , But Chen Kun often takes pictures of his father and son on his personal social platform ,

Recently, Chen Kun took his son and Shu Qi , Feng Delun drinks and has dinner , It can be seen that the relationship between several people in private is still very good , And when it's over , Chen Kun's son drank , So Chen Kun carried his son directly behind his back , At first, netizens didn't recognize who Chen Kun carried , I thought it was Chen Kun's good friend , Wait until you react , Chen Kun is carrying his drinking son !

This scene also made many netizens laugh , It's really a mountain of father's love , Chen Kun's helplessness can be felt across the screen , After all, sons are so grown-up , After drinking, my father came home behind my back ,

It seems that in the eyes of parents , No matter how old the child is , In their eyes , Still my own child ! Many children grow older , There will be some estrangement with parents , But Chen Kun can drink with his son , It shows that father and son are not only relatives , At the same time, he is also a confidant , What do you think? ?

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