Video photos of Guo biting and Xiang Zuo were exposed. It is suspected that they are pregnant with a second child

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video photos guo biting xiang

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Guo biting 3 Years ago, I participated in the program to communicate with Xiang Zuo, the eldest son of Xiang Huaqiang, who is worth hundreds of billions ,2 Two years ago, the two families went to Italy for a romantic wedding , last year 10 In June, they welcomed their beloved daughter ( Little milk Emperor ). This year, 6 In June, Guo biting officially came back to record the program , Recently, he and his husband went to the same frame to show , Several side photos of the couple's videos . It can be seen that Guo biting in a bright dress looks good , But I don't know the angle , Guo biting seems to have a thick waist and a convex belly , Cause netizens to guess whether they are pregnant with a second child .

Guo biting, with her outstanding temperament, has previously performed in films 《 The little time 》 popular , I fell in love with Xiang Zuo and got married two years ago . Soon Xiang Zuo and Xiang Huaqiang 、 Xiang taidu personally welcomes the birth of new family members , Later, the whole family ( Little milk Emperor ) Hold a hundred day banquet . Some netizens said that Guo biting's father didn't show up , Seems to be in conflict with Xiangjia . Guo's father personally shared the photos of that night to break the rumors .

( This is from the Internet )

In order to reward Guo Bi's hard work , Media coverage , Xiang Huaqiang and his wife came to Beijing and Taiwan 6 Buy a mansion for your son and daughter-in-law . Xiang Zuo once talked about his father and was very happy , Clarify that Xiang Huaqiang is a good father , I will also be a good father . Guo biting is very self disciplined in her daily life , Love children very much , Plus, I'm very kind to my husband Xiangzuo . Xiang Tai also said , This is the best daughter-in-law in the world .

In recent days, , Give Zuo and Guo biting the first notice of upgrading to a novice father , A netizen ran into two people in the mall to participate in the video , Guo biting delicately puts on red lipstick , But this dress looks a little fat , Tired expression , Then they put on white lovers' clothes , Guo biting covered her belly with her hands , In terms of body shape and state , Do not let netizens doubt that there is a happy event , It should be time to have a second child .

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