Four cases of boiling water boiling corpses in a row, and the plot is constantly reversed? This 12 episode online play is really popular

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cases boiling water boiling corpses

Suspense detective drama has always been a good thing for the audience !

In the early years 《 Young Justice Bao 》《 Detective Di Renjie 》 Once broadcast, it will cause an upsurge of watching ,

In recent years, although the ancient costume suspense has gradually declined ,

but 《 The Emperor gave Xiaozhuo 》 The birth of has made the Internet drama that has been criticized in the past , Break the stereotype of quality defects .

Just before the storm of Xiaozhuo passed 4 After a month ,8 month 23 There is another well-made 《 Painting crime teacher 》 It's on !

This crime solving play with ancient painters as the protagonist , The rhythm is tight , No water in the play !

At the beginning of the play, the background of the story and everyone's responsibilities are introduced in a few strokes , Compared with the large sections of some dramas ,《 Painting crime teacher 》 It can be said to carry out the fast pace to the end .

Although the hero Cheng Ren doesn't look handsome , But with his superb painting skills, he has become the core figure in the investigation team !

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