Wenyuanzhixing road survey in the evening peak of rainstorm, 40 km, no takeover in the whole process

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wenyuanzhixing road survey evening peak

【 Pacific Auto Network new car channel 】 recently , We learned from the authorities that , Wen Yuan knows and acts Robotaxi During the road test in the evening peak of a rainstorm , Autopilot 2 Hours without taking over , It once again shows Wen yuanzhixing's strength in the field of automatic driving .

The video shows that on the day of the autopilot test , There is continuous rainfall in the evening peak period , The sensor kit can cause serious interference , It puts forward high requirements for accurate identification of obstacles . In this case , Strong autopilot sensing algorithm and stable autopilot planning are needed 、 Decision system to accurately judge the external environment , Ensure the safe driving of vehicles . Besides , This test video is a demonstration of the cooperation results between Dongfeng pilot project and Wenyuan Zhixing .

During the evening peak test , Due to the lack of external light , And the interference of rain reflection , It's hard for the camera to recognize the traffic lights . Wen yuanzhixing's self-developed camera module , It can automatically and dynamically adjust the parameters according to the changes of the environment , Yes, traffic lights 、 Accurately identify traffic signals such as lights .

When large trucks mix with autonomous vehicles , It will also form a wide range of shielding for the sensors on the vehicle , Increase the driving difficulty of autonomous vehicles .

Viaducts are similar to tunnels , There are satellite signal instability , It poses a great challenge to the positioning of autonomous vehicles . Through multi-sensor fusion positioning scheme , Wen Yuan knows and acts Robotaxi It can achieve centimeter level accurate positioning , Protection at viaduct 、 Safe driving in tunnel and other scenes .

Wen yuanzhixing's test team in Wuhan adopts the Fengshen of Dongfeng Motor E70 models , Provide... In Dongfeng autopilot pilot project L4 Level I automatic driving technology test and operation service .( writing : Pacific automotive network Yayong )

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