Guan Xiaotong road transillumination was exposed! The trip was picked up by 3 million luxury cars, with fat upper body and super slim legs

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guan xiaotong road transillumination exposed

In recent days, , Some media photographed Guan Xiaotong's behind the scenes photos of art blockbusters , Guan Xiaotong in the picture is slightly different from the beautiful photos in the sun on weekdays , Looks fatter .

In the photo , Guan Xiaotong is wearing a green sweater and a silver coat , Wearing shorts , Plus Guan Xiaotong's long purple and blue hair , It looks very avant-garde and cool .

But it may be the hot weather , Guan Xiaotong looks listless , Look serious , I frown from time to time .

Guan Xiaotong wears light makeup , The overall skin color is slightly dark , The upper body looks fat because of shoulder width , My face is also a little puffy , It is not as delicate and beautiful as the refined pictures published on the Internet before .

But Guan Xiaotong's slim legs are her house sign , Still very eye-catching , Her legs were long and straight , White and smooth , Worthy of the reputation of “ Leg essence ”, And her fingers are very slender , Temperament is like a little princess .

After the shooting , Guan Xiaotong walked quickly to the luxury car waiting for her on the roadside , It is reported that the car was photographed earlier driven by Guan Xiaotong's mother Li Jun , Earlier, Guan Xiaotong was driven by his mother, Li Jun, to his boyfriend Luhan's house after work .

Therefore, it is estimated that my mother will pick up Guan Xiaotong personally this time , The intimacy of their mother daughter's feelings can be seen .

Guan Xiaotong is now the most popular little flower in the entertainment circle , The status blessing of Star II Plus child star has attracted much attention all the way , Although young , But her ability to absorb money is one of the best in the entertainment industry , On weekdays, Guan Xiaotong's daily trip is a million class luxury car , It's very generous to give it to my mother 300 Vanguard's top luxury car .

Guan Xiaotong, who is currently on the rise in his career , Is pursuing a breakthrough in the performing arts career , When she was filming a new play earlier , Added a lot of weight to the character's shape , After shooting , She immediately lost weight again , Professionalism is rare .

Used to be known as “ Daughter of the people ” Guan Xiaotong once had a very high national degree , But no one can rely on the heat of childhood to be popular all his life , Therefore, Guan Xiaotong should focus on the performing arts career , Pay more efforts than ordinary people , To achieve self breakthrough , Become a real national idol .

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