The new C-class long axis version leads Mercedes Benz to announce the lineup of Chengdu auto show

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new c-class class long axis

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Netease car 8 month 25 Reported Wednesday recently , Mercedes - Mercedes Benz officially announced 2021 Chengdu auto show exhibition lineup , Including the new Mercedes - Mercedes Benz long wheelbase C Levels of car 、 New Mercedes -( 丨 )S 580 4MATIC、2021 A Mercedes - And Mercedes -AMG A 35 L 4MATIC Total including blazing Night Special Edition 30 All the remaining models will be on the stage .

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※ New Mercedes - Mercedes Benz long wheelbase C Levels of car

New long wheelbase C Level car escape cycle “ New luxury 2.0” Design aesthetics , Bring two new design styles : For the first time, the sports car outlines the grille with a Star Diamond badge , Match with the sports car style bonnet with prismatic lines , Highlight the ready dive ; The car continues the classic landmark design , From the new S Class car “ meteor shower ” Digital headlights are based on each headlamp 130 Megapixel high resolution lighting , Improve driving safety .

New Mercedes - Mercedes Benz long wheelbase C The wheelbase of the first-class car is lengthened again , Its length, width and height are respectively 4882、1820、1461mm, The wheelbase is 2954mm. And it's worth noting that ,2954mm The wheelbase is not only longer than the overseas standard wheelbase models 89mm, And it's better than cash C Stage long wheelbase is too long 34mm, Bring more spacious and comfortable interior space .

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