The spy photo of red flag LS7 road test was exposed. The V8 engine is full of wildness, and the gas field is really chasing kurinan

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spy photo red flag ls7

lately , The media learned that the red flag LS7 The road test spy photo was exposed , Although well disguised , But its aura can't be covered up , I don't know how much you know about this model , Next, Xiaobian will give you a brief share .

aesthetic , The front face adopts super large straight waterfall air inlet grille , The shape of the whole front face is also relatively square , It's very effective , This style is also very bold and aggressive , The Qi field is also comprehensively improved . The newly designed red flag logo on the side is designed on the front fender , The body size is also quite long , The design of the roof rack also further deepens the off-road flavor of the car .

At present, a lot of information is not known yet , Including whether the suspension adopts air suspension , Whether there is differential lock, etc .

motivation , It is reported that it will be used 4.0TV8 The engine , Maximum engine power 485kW, Maximum torque 850N·m.

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