It can be called the Chinese version of big G collection tank 300. The guide price of cyber version is 308000

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chinese version big collection tank

In the near future , Xuche review learned from relevant channels , tanks 300 Cyber guide price 30.8 ten thousand . A large area of blackened honeycomb grille is used in the front face of the new car , Adopt through type LED Driving lights , Two round headlights ,"Y" Type fog lamp set , Optimize in detail , The raised bonnet , A unique luggage rack is added to the roof , The tail lamp group adopts double vertical shape LED Lamp group , The external spare tire is equipped with Y Word shaped storage box instead of , Hard line redesign of the rear Siege , All major parts of the chassis are modified and upgraded , Enhance off-road performance , The new car adopts multi width aluminum alloy wheel hub , The new car adopts two-wheel drive standard (2H)、 4WD standard (4H)、 4WD snow (4H)、4L( standard 、 Concave convex Road 、 silt 、 A mountain country 、 Rocks )、 Expert function 9 Driving mode , With three locks 、 The tank turns 、 Creep mode 、ATS A series of configurations such as all terrain control system , Meet off-road requirements .

The interior adopts full light color matching , Diamond texture and stitching technology are used in details , Center console piano paint baking panel 、 Stall handle 、 The air outlet is decorated with chrome , The new car is expected to be equipped with 12.3 Inch interactive dual screen : Displays the altitude 、 pressure 、 Wheel steering display 、 Comprehensive off-road information such as weather conditions , The new car is expected to be equipped with remote control system 、 Daily service system 、 Double temperature zone automatic air conditioning , The new car is expected to be equipped with brand audio 、 Full speed adaptive cruise system 、 Automatic emergency braking system 、 Lane keeping system 、 Emergency lane keeping system 、 Intelligent speed assist system 、 Lane center keeping system 、 Intelligent driving assistance system 、L2 Autopilot system , The new car is expected to be equipped with 360 Panoramic images : Clearly observe the surrounding conditions of the vehicle , The predicted trajectory of the current vehicle can be displayed accurately and in real time with the help of lane auxiliary lines , Realize safe driving on narrow roads , Survey the road conditions under the vehicle , Prevent the vehicle from getting stuck , Vehicle damage caused by collision with chassis , Ensure driving safety in an all-round way .

New car carrying 2.0T The engine , The most powerful 167 kw , Peak torque 387 Cattle meters , matching 8 Speed automatic transmission .

source : Xu Che Ping

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